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    Where's my Goldfish? SoloJob Karina


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    Where's my Goldfish? SoloJob Karina Empty Where's my Goldfish? SoloJob Karina

    Post by HyperionX on 28th June 2016, 6:25 pm

    Job Info:
    Job Title: Where's My Goldfish?
    Rank: D Rank
    Player Requirements: Solo
    Job Requirements: 500 words minimum
    Job Location: Clover Town
    Job Description:
    A young, very young girl checked her goldfish bowl upon getting home from school only to find it empty. It's your task to break the bad news to her, as well as get her to stop crying about it.

    Reward: None.

    This would be a hassle. Apparently there was this little girl who couldn't be past the age of 8 who had lost her goldfish somehow. Her foolish parents couldn't be bothered to tell the girl the unfortunate news, and so she had to sit there and and wait for some stranger to tell her her goldfish died or something along those lines. Karina was not even sure why she had taken the job in the first place. For one, there was no reward for it. She wouldn't get anything out of it! All she was doing was helping this girls parents be lazy! Adults are seriously horrible, she wouldn't be surprised to learn that her parents were drug addicts or something. Karina walked into the home unannounced, expecting the girl to already be briefed on what was about to occur. She would tell her the bad news about her goldfish, then she would leave. Admittedly, the plan was incredibly creepy. But at least this way, she was getting her name out there as a "good person". Upon entering the home, she saw the girl sitting alone on a seat in the living room. She was pacing the floor nervously, worried about her goldfish. She whipped her head around and saw Karina, and for a moment she panicked. Apparently,  this girls trash of a family did not inform her that Karina was coming today. She took a deep breath in, and out, linking herself to the girl with her magic. Upon breathing out, the girl became calmer through Karina's link. She no longer panicked, and saw Karina as a friend. Karina had the idea to bring this girl to her army, she was incredibly impressionable and weak but Karina could sense some form of magic forming within her. She needed to focus on the link for now, but perhaps if the girl showed a genuine care for her, Karina could get the girl to join her army. Karina smiled a gentle smile. Or as gentle as she could make it appear, and looked the girl in the eyes. "Calm down, sweet child. I am not here to hurt you". The girl looked at Karina with a face filled with wonder. Her rosy cheeks as cute as an be glowed in a deep red signifying the blood that had flowed through her body was emerging in just the right way to form the blush children were known for when they smiled at people they knew were kind. Her lips rose into a crescent, and Karina was pleased. She was pleased with her actions, the child sufficiently high on her power. She raised her hand to bolster the link once more to ensure the child could never escape her grasp. She would be perpetually stuck in this state should Karina ever be near her.

    This was a gift. Truly a gift from the most high one, that Karina would be blessed with such a receptive subject. Most humans fight it. They fight the urge to become trusting of random strangers, but this girl accepting Karina's graces immediately. They say children know who bad people are. Perhaps it's because she sensed Karina's absolute magnificence? Karina leaned into the child, prepared to tell her of the secrets that had been shared with her. Not the secrets to the universe, not any secrets of hidden sexuality, but rather a truth the child would probably have eventually realized anyways. The truth her goldfish was missing. "Your goldfish died child." Had the girl been upset by this, she showed no sign of caring. Karina once more exhaled, and a single strand of blood spun out of the girls nose. Though once more, she showed no sign of noticing.


    Where's my Goldfish? SoloJob Karina Saria_11

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