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    Rune Knights Ranking System


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    Rune Knights Ranking System

    Post by Soleice-kun on 19th January 2013, 9:42 am

    Unit I: Combat Division
    Focused on combat, weaponry, diplomacy, and anything affiliated with war.

    Unit II: Defense Division
    Focused on defense, civilian protection, and protection of the magic council.

    Unit III: Intelligence Division
    Focused on intelligence, information, tactics, and strategy.


    3 Positions, each Division Head is charge of their division and have full command.

    Combat Division Head: Soroki Namikaze

    Defense Division Head:

    Intelligence Division Head:

    3 Positions, each division has 3 Generals, each one acting as the second-in-command.

    Combat Division Generals:

    Defense Division Generals:

    Intelligence Division Generals:

    6 Positions, each division has 2 lieutenants. They act as bodyguards to the Generals and Division Heads.

    Combat Division Lieutenants:

    Defense Division Lieutenants:

    Intelligence Division Lieutenants:

    6 Positions, each division has 2 Division Commanders in charge of day to day jobs and have a unit of Rune Knights that they are in charge of or leader of.

    Combat Division Commanders:

    Defense Division Commanders:

    Intelligence Division Commanders:
    -Reapers Muse

    Infinite Positions, Rune Knights act as police and serve under the Division Commander. They are soldiers to the Magic Council.


    An elite team of Rune Knights like a team of mercenary's that have their own agenda. However they still listen to the Magic Council and are usually considered to do top secret or black ops work such as assassinations or infiltrating valuable artifacts.

    -Soroki Namikaze (Captain)
    -Arrah Hollow
    -Borro Ro
    -Harada Toshizou
    -Rena Nightwatcher


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