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    I Would Rather Die Standing Than Live On My Knees! [Guild Meeting]


    I Would Rather Die Standing Than Live On My Knees! [Guild Meeting] - Page 2 Empty Re: I Would Rather Die Standing Than Live On My Knees! [Guild Meeting]

    Post by Guest on 30th June 2016, 7:33 pm

    Holy fire burns again
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    Kanix would not wait for Lucie to crawl out from under the table, for her guild members had started discussing a plan. Her attention was fully drawn to Apollo, who was explaining the idea that he had in mind in order to keep Lucie around. She frowned as he stated that it would involve the deception of the Magic Council via lying to them and disguising Lucie. Grunting, the pregnant woman stood to her feet and crossed her arms below the large asset that was her chest. The frown was still apparent on the blind female's lips, but she did not voice her opinion until Apollo had finished. Once he was done, she merely shook her head in response to the plan, as there was no plausible way it would work. It posed as too much of a risk to her children and she would not allow that to happen to anyone in the guild.

    Hana was the first to give an answer to Apollo's idea, siding along with him that the idea would be workable. Yet what she had brought up was a valid point; the Magic Council could easily catch onto what they were doing. Again, this would put her children into risk and that was not something she was looking to do at the exact moment. More so, Lucie was already as frightened as she was with being surrounding by guildmates who wanted to excommunicate her. She clicked her tongue when Hana explained the possibility that they should have a backup plan, just in case. To this, Kanix merely shook her head as well, saving any talking for when she would be given the chance to. As of right now, she wanted to listen to how the others would respond to the plan that Apollo had cooked up.

    Her teeth gritted against each other has Takumi broke through the sudden silence that had wrought upon the guild. She curled her fingers into her arms, digging the dirt-caked, long nails into the snow-white skin that covered them. Kanix wanted to say something to the young man, blurt out that he would not be going anywhere under any circumstance. However, she kept her mouth tightly shut, leaving the discussing between the members until it was her turn. As much as she disagreed with what Takumi was planning to do, she had no say in who was to do what with this plan. More so, she was not even certain if she wanted this plan to go through, as they were currently divided in answers. Some wanted to stick with Lucie, others wanted to kick her out, and the select few wanted to oust the Magic Council.

    Just as she wanted to say something to Takumi, Ultra had ultimately taken the words right out of her mouth. She gave a nod in agreement with what the marijuana-hoarding mage said to the young ice mage in the room. Combat should be a last resort thing, as they did not want to go up against the Magic Council over something so easily handled. Yet, she quickly disapproved of Ultra the moment he said he agreed with Apollos plan of tricking the Magic Council. It would be far too easy for the ones running the council to figure out what they were planning to do with Lucie. For all they knew, a spy could be among them and willing to report to their commanding officer with the news. Kanix bit her lip, then turned her head to Kaylin, listening to what the girl had to say on the matter at hand.

    "That's far more plausible than what everyone else has been saying," Kanix thought to herself, nodding a little visibly. However, as far as Kaylin had said, all of it agreed to what was formerly said by Hana, so she had nothing to add in. The Magic Council was far more powerful than they were made out to be, and had connections all over the world. They were not the governing structure of magic for no reason, after all; they were a force to be reckoned with. If they so much as learned a snippet of the plan that had already been spoken aloud, they were all done for. There would be no chance of Fairy Tail staying legal then and Kanix was already beginning to lose hope of it even being legal at all. Everyone was on opposite ends of the spectrum that there would be no way to come to the middle and work things out.

    Her head swiveled toward Takumi has he brought up the fact that he could go with Lucie as one of the few to escort her. This was where Kanix would step into the equation, breaking through what the young ice mage was saying. "By no means will you be going with Lucie when she is a lot stronger than you are and could easily take you down," she stated. "If we are to have someone go with her, if we are to go through with this plan, they we need mages stronger than her to go. I will not sacrifice the life of my lowly ranked members, just so that they can play decoy while Lucie gets away safely. Do you understand me, Takumi? If you step foot outside with Lucie, should this plan go through, you may never return to Fairy Tail. As the younger generation of the guild, you are expected to blossom into a stronger mage, not lose your life over something invaluable."

    While Brennan answered to all of the formerly said things, Kanix found herself still intently listening to Takumi. He claimed that he knew of ways leading them astray, but he was not aware of just how intelligent the Magic Council was. Brennan, on the other hand, explained to him exactly what she had said to him, stating that no mage should sacrifice themselves. Takumi could not easily fend off the council alone, and it frustrated her that he was so persistent in going through with it. In fact, she was starting to get so exasperated with what was currently going on, that she nearly broke her patience. However, she breathed in deeply and turned her head a little to stare at the ice mage with that single, blind eye of hers. "I refuse to allow you to sacrifice yourself to the Magic Council and as the acting Ace of this situation, I will not let you. Drop the topic."

    By now, the subject had diverted from the important situation to something that was more pointless than the last. Even Sorano was there telling Takumi that they should not go through with the plan of heading out with Lucie. "Silence!" the woman ordered, slamming her staff into the ground, the crack of wood against wood ringing through the air. "This situation is not about Takumi, it is about Lucie, who is the threat of the guild's legal status and that is it. I will not listen to anymore talk of not allowing Takumi to do as he pleases; more so, I will not let Takumi do what he wants. We are to decide as a whole what is to happen to Lucie and right now, you all are showing me we are not even capable of such a thing. Turmoil is being wrought through our guild because of a measly child, who we don't even know why she slaughtered people."

    Daniel only farther proved that they were not capable of coming to a single decision as a whole group, and she frowned. With two options at hand, it was a mere simply decision of what should be done, and since nearly all agreed, Kanix would give in to it. As much as she wanted this guild to stay legal, family was family and she would not let Lucie suffer one bit. What she had in mind would not involve having to find out what was up with Lucie or whether she was innocent or not. Her guild member had clearly showed her that; that no matter what was to be said, Lucie was going to be family. They could not get rid of her just to keep the legal status of the guild, the status was invaluable anyway. Kanix breathed in deeply and was about to state her decision for the guild when Zecarayus had broken the silence.

    Like all of the others, he would repeat the plan was a great idea, but they all did not know how long it would take to execute it. Five days was their maximum extension that the Magic Council had given them, there was no time at all. In reply to Zecarayus, Kanix shook her head and raised a hand toward his direction, stopping him from speaking farther. "It will take far too long to execute the plan and actually get away with it; five days was the extension the Magic Council gave us. If Heero had not taken so long on exiling her, we would not be standing here, today, deciding for ourselves," she stated. "And all of you may not agree to it, but I taking the step up and acting as temporary guildmaster until Heero comes around. I do not like seeing this guild in turmoil, and I do not like seeing that we all cannot come to the same consecutive decision."

    As Takumi and Ultra went off at it again, the woman gritted her teeth harder and slammed her staff down yet again. "You all will listen to what I have to say and you all will keep your mouths shut until I have spoken what is needed," she yowled out. "I will not tolerate this indecency of the guild acting like children, especially you two, Takumi and Ultra. Both of you will keep your mouths shut until it is your time to speak; I will not have anymore of this arguing." Kanix quieted down instantly after the scolding, cleared her throat, and regained that calm aura she once had. "Since none of us are able to agree upon the same thing, then I am reverting to what Brennan and a few others brought up. Fairy Tail is a guild that holds family in high regards and since Lucie is family, we must stick with her through thick and thin."

    "I believe that Master Heero will agree to this in only that it is because we are sticking together as family," she started once more. "So, with that being said, you may kiss our legal status goodbye and welcome the status of a dark guild. Meeting is dismissed." The heavily pregnant woman would clamber down the table and push past the people that were crowded around her, heading away from whatever ruckus would begin.

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    I Would Rather Die Standing Than Live On My Knees! [Guild Meeting] - Page 2 Empty Re: I Would Rather Die Standing Than Live On My Knees! [Guild Meeting]

    Post by Mura Kensho on 1st July 2016, 9:02 am

    A lot was spoken about right now; Mura got the chance to get a wider understanding of the entire situation by time, helping him to find out what to comment all their thoughts and ideas. However, the plan that they were mentioning sounded quite daring, although if successfully done, useful. Although, he couldn't imagine Takumi heading out with Lucie as he suggested that; not until he told about his own path and experiences. "Perhaps I can follow her... just saying," he spoke up, but Kanix wouldn't allow that to happen, not the least. Takumi was of the younger generation, as she mentioned, and thus wasn't going to sacrifice his or any youngster's life to danger for a strong threat like Lucie. However, was Lucie such a threat? What was going on with her? People had mentioned theories like if she was forced to do those horrible things by someone else... and the marks on her soul, most likely from an outer source, was beginning to worry him a lot. Perhaps that had to do with the entire situation... hopefully.

    The last words of Kanix caused perhaps the biggest question mark to pop out of his head; was Fairy Tail now a dark guild??? Obviously it would be due to the Coming Storm in here, but when Mura thought about it, he began to understand; if they wanted to help Lucie, then they must've had to face the fact that it wasn't wished by the Magic Council or whoever would stemple them as a dark guild. Obivously, Mura was now in deep thinking as he slowly sat down on a bench and went through the entire situation in silence. If they had to unleash the plan out, how would it work then? Who could follow Lucie, other than Takumi? Lots of questions were to be reflected inside of his skull as he found it unnecessary to discuss quite yet. He had to focus now, or he would just lose his calm and probably faint by shock or complain like a maniac. It wasn't even going to help at all, so he found this as the only response to "welcome the status of a dark guild"...

    Meanwhile, Kyuken was surely expressing his giant feelings, but was noticing Mura's unusual state. "... Master..." he spoke to the younger samurai, who was still deeply into thinking as he was, unfortunately, not here during the entire meeting and had to settle the things that he'd heard, so that he could understand it completely. He was expecting some loud blabber to emerge from the others, but that wouldn't stop him from thinking...


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