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    Karina Farrar Solo Job ~ Baby Steps


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    Karina Farrar Solo Job ~ Baby Steps Empty Karina Farrar Solo Job ~ Baby Steps

    Post by HyperionX 25th June 2016, 2:45 pm

    Job Info:
    Job Title: Baby Steps
      Rank: D
      Player Requirements: 1-2 D Ranked mages , with 5 posts per player. 100 word count minimum
      Job Requirements: Teach the baby to walk before the parents get home.
      Job Location: Hargeon Town
      Job Description: So the Adams family has tried everything to teach their baby how to walk, from support, to even magic. None have worked. This is where you come in. They need you to make their baby walk, no matter what you need to do, just get it done. They will be leaving at the crack of dawn, so you have until they come back at noon.
      Enemies: None
      Reward: 500J

    This would not be a difficult task for Karina. A smol small child like this one would offer up minimal resistance to her charms. He had no reason not to trust her, it's not as if she were some malevolent being after all! Wanting world domination did not make one evil. It merely made them, ambitious. Baby's love ambition, right? She had about nearly half of the day to teach this child to walk! For all they knew, she could just watch television on their TV the entire time. Then just leave after telling them that their child could walk again! However, she wanted to get paid so that wasn't the best idea. Karina thought what to do what to do for half a second. She had no idea on how to teach a baby how to walk! Perhaps it would work out if she just told it to. She did after all, have quite the mother-like stance. "Stand". The child just stood there confused. "Stand up". As if adding the extra word would do anything at all, the child was clearly insubordinate and needed to be taught a lesson. Karina attempted to send and owl after it, but then had an idea that didn't involve torturing small people. She told the owl to fly around the baby, piquing his curiosity. It's red feathers, it's powerful wings and beast, and majestic presence all served to impress the child. Owls were after all one of the most majestic of all of the birds that Karina owned. Most of her spells revolved around utilizing them. Truly, they were an awing force to the 1-year old. Perhaps one day, he'd follow an owl to her home. Perhaps he'd remember how Karina helped him learn how to walk, and pledge his loyalty to her.

    He tried to chase after the bird first by crawling, but when that didn't work out he tried to stand so he could reach the bird. Finally, the child began to walk thanks to the sheer awesomeness of owls. Thank Karina for being able to control them so well. If she had not been able to this child would forever be teased for ever! Perhaps she should leave a note telling them that if he needed work when he got older, he should join her ranks? Might want to just make it the Black Rose Guild. That way she could influence him from the inside. Karina giggled at her own intelligence. She was so intelligent. She then left the room after writing the following note:

    "Dear Mr. and Mrs. Adams, your child has begun walking as promised. He seems to be far more capable of doing what he wants when his curiosity is peeked than anything else, this displays he has a strong imagination. For this reason, I highly encourage you to have him join the Black Rose Guild the moment he displays any talent for magic whatsoever.

    Signed, Karina Farrar"

    Afterwords, she headed back to the guild to wait for her payment.


    Karina Farrar Solo Job ~ Baby Steps Saria_11

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