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    Horns and Frost {Private}




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    Horns and Frost {Private} Empty Horns and Frost {Private}

    Post by Fair on 25th June 2016, 12:53 pm



    0356 words


    Lighting a cigarette as she sat on the edge of a walkway to the port, Lynn gazed at the horizon, raising her head a bit with one eye shut to make it seem like the tip of her cigarette was touching it. Removing it from between her lips to release two long lines of smoke from her nostrils, she laughed, then putting it back in. Once she was done with it, she would stand up and toss it into the sand, stretching and yawning afterwards. “Man, can today get any more boring?” she muttered to herself, as she shoved her hands into the pockets of her pants. The sun was up, the day was busy, but Lynn was bored out of her wits. She didn’t feel like going on a job, like she usually would if she was bored. Instead she was walking around aimlessly. Zlatan wasn’t here to accompany her, so there was no flying around that day.

    Ruby optics glanced around on hearing talk of some vampire going rampant...or something like that. Lynn wasn’t exactly sure if they meant someone they meant, but the person she had in mind wasn’t the kind of person they were describing, but still, she listened. It was coming from the lacrima television in a shop nearby. It wasn’t too loud, but her slayer ears could pick it up. Fishing out a piece of paper from the pocket of her shorts, she unfolded it, reading it carefully, then realising it had nothing to do with what was on the news, she thrust it back in a disappointed manner. Ignoring the voice that was still in her head at the moment, she kept on walking.

    ...Deniel Thormun?” she repeated the name out loud, the name that the news reporter had uttered and had made her halt in her tracks. It was so familiar to her...right! Deniel! Of course it was familiar. Lynn immediately fastened her pace, rushing back towards the shop from which she picked up the sound. Clinging to the window, she watched through the clear glass, someone holding a device to Deniel’s mouth as he spoke.



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    Horns and Frost {Private} Empty Re: Horns and Frost {Private}

    Post by Nekros on 6th July 2016, 11:10 am

    Another bright day in the lands of Fiore. Normality set the mood, the threads of time and history constantly moving forward. While everyone else was enjoying their common day, some were saddened and depressed; Others were being attacked or mourning over the loss of their own loved ones. Visions and depictions of the overwhelming defeat still plagued the minds of former Sleeping forest Mages. The destruction of their guild, the death of Genbu, it was all too much for the few that remained to take. A guild of friends and family disbanded after the brutal battle of mages and Angels. That was at least a couple weeks ago. The scars, both physical and Mental, still healing and mending themselves.

    A mage, one of balanced morality, found himself travelling more than usual. Jaeger needed time off from it all, to just go and be somewhere different. After the battle, the scattering of his comrades, and Joining the Garuo Knights, the man just had to get away and relax. Of course, he was still plagued with thoughts, of not only recent events, but responsibility to maintain his cover of being a knight.


    “Nava, things are changing buddy. Do you think everyone is handling it well?”

    Jaeger was laying on the back of Nava, his Giant Pet Red Panda. Large and fluffy, he was such a cuddly creature. The two were slowly moving through the streets of Cedar, small children giggling and petting the beast as they went by. Parents enjoyed seeing their brats happy. The duo just minded themselves and kept along; or they were until an emergency broadcast interrupted all Lacrima screens within the town.

    “Hm? What’s this?

    Nava, hold up.”

    The mage said, having the Red Panda stop at a shop to view its Lacrima Television. Others had stopped around them, curious as to what has happened. It wasn’t too often that broadcasts such as these just halted everything that was already playing. A corpse found emptied of blood, evidence suggesting vampirism. What an odd thing to discover and well worth documenting. The News Anchor went on to reveal a suspect that would later be cleared of all charges. Jaeger hadn’t the faintest clue as to who this man was.


    He questioned to himself. The name, however, did get someone else's attention. It was a blue haired beauty, one that had escaped the gentleman’s eye due to the sudden news outbreak. The suspects interview seemed to have intrigued her enough to come running back to the screen. Jaeger pondered more, watching the news and the woman. Once the interview was over, He thought to ask about the man.

    “Miss with the Beautiful Blue hair, Who is Deniel Thormun?”

    At this point, Jaeger was sitting cross legged on the back of Nava. His hands clutched together and placed in his lap as he was hunched over. His suit was wrinkled with his position, But it was black, the creases were easily hideable with its dark color. His horns gathered more attention than his words, or at least from the randoms in the crowd. Much like before though, he wouldn’t pay them or their gossiping much mind.

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