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    Top Secret Operations [Job/Juliana]

    Juliana Kain
    Juliana Kain

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    Top Secret Operations [Job/Juliana] Empty Top Secret Operations [Job/Juliana]

    Post by Juliana Kain on 25th June 2016, 19:07

    Job Information:
    Job Title: Where's My Goldfish?
    Rank: D Rank
    Player Requirements: Solo
    Job Requirements: 500 words minimum
    Job Location: Clover Town
    Job Description:
    A young, very young girl checked her goldfish bowl upon getting home from school only to find it empty. It's your task to break the bad news to her, as well as get her to stop crying about it.

    Reward: None.

    Detours often yielded amazing experiences, and in this case, Juliana had been able to complete her original objective by wandering off the path. Nonetheless, she was severely glad to actually arrive in the city of Clover itself, where Blue Pegasus mages were famously known to hold their base of operations. A young woman passing by on the street possessed a pair of lacy, yet stained glass in design, dragonfly wings. Undoubtedly, she was a mage of some sort, and the wondrous sights did not cease to end at that alone. As she explored the city a bit more, Lissy chattering away the entire time, she noticed a man gesturing wildly to a sleepy-eyed woman of about the same age. Perhaps they were together; truthfully, the girl did not wish to involve herself in marital or romance related arguments, if that was the case. She did happen to overhear the woman reply in a much calmer voice to the man something about finding a person to break the news to “her” and how they would only have to stay out of the way.

    If something terrible had happened and the parents were not in a position to explain it to someone who needed to know... well, that sounded like a job for Juliana! Mustering up all the confidence she could possibly scrounge up from her body, the mage stepped lightly over to the couple, her hand held up in a delicate wave. “Hello! My name is Juliana, and I am terribly sorry, but... do you happen to need my assistance with anything?” Upon hearing her offer, the man grumbled some words under his breath, while the woman turned away from him and refused to say a word. After several moments of rather awkward and unnecessary silence, the two both pointed simultaneously to an open door of the home which was right beside them. They had been arguing on the sidewalk in front of their own house, it seemed.

    Julia entered the place with a certain degree of trepidation, but she quickly shook it off upon realizing that there wasn’t exactly anything bad inside here. However, the cause of the argument was somewhat quite clear; a broken goldfish bowl lay in shatters on the floor underneath a small table that it had presumably rested on before the disappearance of the creature inside. Plastic dolls scattered all around the room in various nooks and crannies, while a sparkly pink dress was draped over the back of the sofa also indicated that a young female, most likely around the age of six, also lived here. Debating what to do, Julia was just about to exit the house when a tiny voice, weak and slightly astonished, interrupted her thoughts. “F-fishy... where did you go?” it echoed softly. The girl turned around to catch sight of a petite, blonde child with tears streaming down her face. Swiftly taking her into her arms, Juliana hugged the girl before doing her best to explain that the fish was MIA (missing in action) due to having some very important business to take care of. She was then asked if he would be coming back, to which the mage replied that it was absolutely top secret and could not be told.

    The child saw it as a sort of important, world-threatening sort of mission, where not adhering to the rules of secrecy would result in a painful death for the entirety of Earthland’s population. Therefore, she nodded with a determined look on her face and quit crying, much to the girl’s relief and happiness. Handing the child to the father, who had by now entered the house and had a slightly disgruntled look on his face, much as though he hadn’t believed she could help out the situation, Juliana left the home. It was such a nice neighborhood, but forever, she would now have dreams about secret agents posing as goldfish and breaking bowls in the local families’ living rooms.


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