Phoenix Tape(Private Event Thread/Hana/KTH)


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    Phoenix Tape(Private Event Thread/Hana/KTH)

    Post by ivyleaf33 on 25th June 2016, 12:25 am

    Duct Tape.

    Ah, duct tape. Such a useful material, this simple invention. When you truly think about it, what can duct tape not do? I do not know. Woven from threads of material such as polyester, nylon, etc, the material is strong and durable. With a powerful side of this wonderful stickiness, it can keep together most anything. In fact, it has be used to support a bridge in the past before. Now, what does this have do with anything? Oh... but duct tape has to do with everything!

    An intense gaze could be seen from one of Fairy Tail's youngest mages, directed at the slightly quivering feline seated before her. It would almost appear as though she were about to administer punishment upon the poor mass of fur. This actually isn't far from the truth, though. In Sorano's eyes, all she was concentrating on was Hoshi's aura, slowly switching away from that shade of fear and into a calmer color. Blood was tasted as she bit her lip, willing the exceed to concentrate. The money drew on, everything in the same situation until Sorano finally stopped. "Okay, Hoshi, I think that's it for you today..." she said quietly. The threads barely binding the shaky aura together crumbled apart again, leaving the exceed shooting furtive glances all around her constantly once more.

    "S-sorry, Sorano-chan..." she whispered, having failed again. Sorano brushed off the apology with a hand motion, attempting a smile at her friend. "There's definitely progress, Hoshi, you just have to find someone to secure everything together in your head now."


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