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    The Unwanted Search [EVENT OPEN]

    The Imp
    The Imp

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    The Unwanted Search [EVENT OPEN] Empty The Unwanted Search [EVENT OPEN]

    Post by The Imp on Fri 24 Jun 2016 - 1:40

    OOC: Welcome to The Unwanted Search! This event does not come with rewards but I think any story and lore hounds here in FT will want a piece of this. I can't disclose any further but this is an event you want to be in.

    Just a few rules to keep the event moving slowly:
    -The posting order is fluid. You can post in any order as long as you only post once between each of my posts.
    -No posts over 400 words. This isn't a fancy shindig. I want as many people to be able to participate in this as possible while keeping the ball moving quickly. The second one person makes a 2k word post everyone feels like they have to and then posting becomes a chore for casuals.
    -24 hour skipping rule will be applied mercilessly.

    This thread may be a bit long and doesn't have Jewel or EXP rewards, so I want to keep it casual so that everyone can remain engaged in the story without busting their read ends to keep up with posting orders and word counts.

    The Imp was sitting on top of the guild hall watching the horizon for sun to rise. The first beams of the morning light looked like they were about to breach the sky line. The Imp didn't know why it always came up here to watch the sunrise but it just did.

    Then it happened, the sun peaked over the skyline and the Imp knew. Today was the day. It had been watching the sunrises in anticipation for this moment right now. Every imp was built with a mission and now the Imp knew its mission. Sort of, it sorta knew.

    It teleported into the guildhall to stand on a banister of the second floor. Its tiny person stood over the guild below, for once it felt tall. In a hurry to complete its mission it yelled at the room below, "Help! I need help! I gotta do a thing! I need strong people to help do the thing!" The Imp jumped from the banister and started slowly gliding down to stand on top of the guild's bar, "Please! Anyone whose strong! He needs help! He's in danger!"
    Ultra Magnus
    Ultra Magnus

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    The Unwanted Search [EVENT OPEN] Empty Re: The Unwanted Search [EVENT OPEN]

    Post by Ultra Magnus on Sat 25 Jun 2016 - 21:13

    Ultra quite frankly didn't want to be in the goddamn guildhall right now. It wasn't because of anything the other guild members had done(though their bullcrap probably wasn't helping at this point), but because he didn't get a wink of sleep last night.

    It was a painful night indeed for the ReQuip mage: He was finishing a job when suddenly, he realized that he hadn't finished off all of the monsters that were there.....and that realization came with a *POW*....more like several, but you get what I mean. Needless to say, he spent the whole night finishing the job for real, and by the time he did finish, it was already 6AM.

    So much for sleeping, I guess.

    The ReQuip mage laid his pretty little busted-up head on the wood of the bar's counter, his body was aching all over and screaming to him to get some rest, but he couldn't do it.

    Then he heard some voice ringing out through the guildhall. Oh great, as if the place wasn't loud enough already. Accompanied by that was a bang, and the voice seemed to have gotten even closer.

    By the time the voice had finished its tirade, Ultra was just about at his wits' end.

    "Aw, what the fuck, goddamn fucking bitch!"


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