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    Karina Farrar Solo Job "Delivery Girl"


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    Karina Farrar Solo Job "Delivery Girl" Empty Karina Farrar Solo Job "Delivery Girl"

    Post by HyperionX 23rd June 2016, 9:32 pm

    Job Info :

    Karina was just passing by Magnolia when she saw a mans truck breakdown in the middle of the road. After analyzing it for half of a second, she realized the man behind the wheel was none other than the mailman! And his magical mail truck had just run out of power! Screw the meditation, Karina needed to get to him and help him. The mail was a necessary force in this world! Without information of their daily needs, how could anyone go about their lives!? The very foundation of the entire universe hung on Karina's shoulders. "Mailman! Do not fear! For I, Karina will deliver your mail to the necessary houses!" The Man looked at Karina inquisitively, he had just stopped in the middle of the road to slurp on his smoothie. But, he saw this as an opportunity. He told Karina that he could only pay her about 250 Jewel, but that was clearly a lie. He just wanted to spare as little expense as possible in making Karina pay for delivering his mail for her. Karina, however, was blind to this fact. He handed her the 25 packets that needed to be delivered. Each to a different address. Most other people would need to walk to the homes to deliver the packets, but Karina had a messenger system already. She utilized her magic to summon 6 Owls to her side, and handed each one a bundle of messages. The owls were each sent to different homes carrying their packages. In order to prove that the owls were being sent to the homes, they were bring back some sort of relic from that home. Some of them brought back garden gnomes, and others would bring back gardening supplies, but the common thread was that they were things their owners consistently left in their front yards. When the Owls returned to Karina with the items the man would affirm that they were true before she sent them back to the homes. They would then return the items back to the homes and vanish into thin air. This was the mere power of being Karina. The magic of Alliez bonded the animals to Karina, bending their sense of loyalty so that they must obey her. Some people might actually consider that to be some sort of crime as she does perform such actions as setting the owls on fire to attack with them and using them in many of her various torture methods, but Karina would laugh in their faces. The only attribute that she has touched is their loyalty, she hadn't changed their hopes, their love, or their caution. All they do, they do because they loved Karina. These weren't just some random animals she found off the street. These were the very owls that Karina had grown up with. She knew the name of each one of the owls, she knew their best properties, she knew more about them than the rest of the world ever could. This is why she could turn a task as remedial absolutely amazing as delivering mail into such a wondrous spectacle, because the Owls and her shared a bond far greater than loyalty. They shared a bond of family, a family that would've otherwise abandoned Karina.


    Karina Farrar Solo Job "Delivery Girl" Saria_11

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