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    Even Killers Play Tag (Solo)


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    Even Killers Play Tag (Solo) Empty Even Killers Play Tag (Solo)

    Post by FeitanKazeshini on 23rd June 2016, 8:02 am

    Feitan sat in a tree as he played his flute on this particular day. He had no jobs that he had to worry about and there was nothing for him to do really, so he simply relaxed in magnolia town. Why did he relax here? Well, to the magically gifted his flute would cause the madness that Feitan himself was so famous for, and besides what’s the point of not being in a legal guild if you couldn’t rub their noses in the fact that you were free while they were slaves to the whims for the magic council and pretty much everyone else, but this is what he chose to do with his time off.

    He was distracted from his flute playing however by the sounds of laughing children. Normally, Feitan didn’t have a problem with laughing of any kind, but when he was trying to play his music, and someone interrupted him he was not happy about it in the least. With a grumble and a flick of his wrist he sent his flute away and watched what was happening below him. There were a group of perhaps a dozen children running around playing tag. This was a game that Feitan approved of, not just because he was amazing at it, but because even if the players didn’t know it this game was training them on how to dodge, evade, run, and survive until the very end. He wondered why they would need or want to play it however.

    This thinking would have to wait as one of the boys ran up to the base of his tree “Hey you! Come play tag with us!” He shouted up to the full grown adult with a demanding tone. 

    Behind his mouth cover Feitan smiled and nodded his head “Sure thing.” He said simply dropping down to the ground below landing with practiced skill. No sooner had he landed though, then the boy touched his chest “Tag your it!” he called out loudly, as he turned and ran as fast as his legs would carry him towards the other children.

    Feitan smirked and tapped his foot counting up from 1 to 5 and when he reached five he started to run. It was nowhere near as fast as he could run, nor anywhere near as skillfully as he could, run but this was to help children survive better, and so he kept that in mind. Still, he caught up to the boy who had tagged him and gently pat his back “No, You’re still it.” He said carefully before moving through the rest of the children using them as shields. The boy got upset that he had been tagged so quickly so he chased after whichever kid was closest to him. The girl he tagged huffed and stomped her foot before she whipped around and gave chase to Feitan. 

    To her credit she was much faster than Feitan expected for a girl her age, and he decided that he would reward her surprising him by letting her tag him. He then moved to tag another child altogether this one a boy who managed to actually evade the first attempt to tag him, but in so doing he lost his footing and almost fell, but Feitan took full advantage of the situation and tagged the boy on his way down. The boy hit the ground getting back up and running after a girl who had run between him and Feitan. The Laughing Coffin wizard never stopped moving keeping a wary eye on the person who was running around tagging, and where he was going. As the day dragged on he was tagged a few more times, but only because he allowed it to happen for special cases. Eventually, the sun cast long shadows and the rest of the children left leaving Feitan a bit tired, but with a smile. He started to head back towards his own guild which was a very long way away, but he couldn’t help but suppress a laugh “Thank goodness I wasn’t playing Tag with Haruhi. I would be in traction by now.”


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