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    Mercenary= Wine Taster?


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    Mercenary= Wine Taster? Empty Mercenary= Wine Taster?

    Post by FeitanKazeshini 23rd June 2016, 7:46 am

    Feitan sighed as he walked through Rose Garden. He hated it so much, this beautiful peaceful place was absolutely disgusting, and he couldn’t stand it. Still, on this day he wasn’t here on pleasure. He was here on business and that business was fairly odd if he was to be completely honest. He was here to taste wine, something he knew nothing about. Feitan as a general rule didn’t bother drinking as he usually wanted his wits about him, and when he did drink he wouldn’t waste time with such a weak drink as wine, and would much rather having something much harder. Still he was being paid for this job, and there was nothing more to be done about it, and that was that.

    To be honest though he didn’t know how he was being paid. He had only been told this was his job once more by Haruhi. He didn’t know why she would bother sending him, her second in command, her Tombkeeper out to do such jobs that were beneath him. Whatever, he was being paid and that was all that mattered to him. So with that determined he looked down to the piece of paper that belong to him and he looked around at all of the shops that were around. It didn’t take him all that long to find the proper shop, and he was happy to find it. This meant he would be able to leave much faster, so he walked into the shop without worrying about anything else and he took his time to get up to the hostess “I am here to be a wine taster for your boss.” He said rather simply.

    The girl seemed to hear this news as if it was the greatest thing she has ever heard and she was quick to smile at him “Oh yes! Thank you so much for coming so quickly! Just follow me and I shall be happy to take you to the owner.” She led him through the restaurant which was very classy, it was a place that Feitan knew he would never be able to afford, or rather afford comfortably, but this only seemed to amuse him rather than annoy him. She stopped at a bar gesturing to a man holding an unmarked bottle of wine “This is the owner, and he’s your employer now.”

    The man turned to Feitan a look of disgust passing over him for a brief moment, but then he smiled “I heard that you are my taster. I am happy to have you here my good sir. I have finished this homemade wine and I’d like you to taste it, and tell me what you think.”

    He uncorked the bottle and filled a wine glass handing it down carefully to Feitan. He in turn took the glass carefully swirling the drink under his nose getting a good whiff of it “Fruity, rich, full smelling.” He carefully took a small sip swishing it around in his mouth for a moment before he politely as could be spit it into a waiting bucket nodding his head “I taste the quality of the fruits you put into it, the alcohol is there, but not overpowering. It is smooth and refreshing even. I must say this alone would make me want to patron this restaurant if I could afford the bill you are most likely to charge. Still, it was the best glass of wine I’ve ever had.” He said carefully setting the glass back on the counter.

    The man seemed to glow now as he shook Feitan’s hand vigorously “Oh my good man I misjudged you! I am so sorry! Thank you so much you have done me a world of good! If you should ever come into my restaurant just be sure you tell me and you are welcome to whatever you’d like on the house. Thank you so much!”

    Feitan nodded his head a bit stunned as he was just speaking gibberish and he didn’t expect it to go so well, but presently he simply said “I am happy to be of assistance. Thank you.” With that he left shrugging his shoulders as he looked around Rose Garden “Maybe I might have a reason to keep this place standing.” He mused to himself.


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