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    Love Is Blind, and Greed Insatiable [Marschal Leigh]


    Love Is Blind, and Greed Insatiable [Marschal Leigh] Empty Love Is Blind, and Greed Insatiable [Marschal Leigh]

    Post by Guest 22nd June 2016, 1:36 pm

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    Marschal let out a sigh as he stepped up the stairs of the porch to a lovely, light blue home, and walked over to the door. He raised a fist and knocked lightly on the wooden feature, letting his fist drop to his side after a bit of knocking. Silence was the response he was given after knocking, and with no real clue as to who was inside, he began to wonder if this was the correct home. The piece of paper in his right hand held the address of this home, so it couldn't have been incorrect, could it have been? Raising his fist again, he repeated the knocking and waited once more to see if anyone would come down to greet him. Yet, he was met with silence still and now, he was beginning to wonder if something was wrong in the house. Biting his lip, the half breed wandered away from the door and peeked in through one of the close by windows.

    It was dark inside, but thanks to his feline half, seeing into the darkness wasn't at all that difficult for him. However, it appeared that even the lower level of the house was empty, as not a single person could be seen. When nothing caught his attention, he pulled away from the window and wandered back to the door, tempted to knock again. Marschal passed the door though and peered in through the other window, looking around to notice he was peering into the kitchen. The kitchen was actually rather nice-looking, with an island counter in the center and a large amount of counters surrounding the outer perimeter. The refrigerator was located across from the archway, the stove across from where he was looking through the window. A nice, dead body was decorating the white tile floor. . . Marschal blinked and glanced back at the person laying on the floor.

    In that moment, the mage turned harshly away from the window and judo kicked the door to the house down. It cracked at the center and splintered, until pieces of it were strewn across the porch and inside of the home. Marschal stepped inside and looked both ways to figure out which way he was meant to take to get to the kitchen. He veered to the right and ducked through a hallway, leading down to a semi-large archway and into the kitchen. Upon the floor was a very young-looking girl, who Marschal was certain was no older than twenty years of age. Skidding across the tiles, the guildless mage came to a halt over the woman and knelt to his knees, glancing her over. She wasn't breathing, which was not a good thing if he recalled and that set the young man into motion almost instantly.

    Pressing his hands over the center of her chest, he began pumping, stopping momentarily and listening, then repeating. He'd stop entirely to plug her nose and breath into her mouth on occasion, forcing air into her lungs to get her system working again. When nothing seemed to be working to him, he swore under his breath and snatched his gourd off his hip. Leaning back, the man downed the contents of the gourd and let the bottle drop to the ground before placing his hands over the woman's body. A green light emitted over her, leaves of light dancing around in the beam as his magic took effect on the girl. She sucked in a deep breath and sat up like she had just woken from a nightmare, resulting in Marschal pulling his hands away from her. Looking to him, she would stare wide-eyed at the magus, scooting away a little and even looking a tiny bit fearful.

    Her hand would reach up to her face and she'd brush away white hair from her eyes that was plastered down by sweat. "Wh-who are you?" she asked him, the words stuttering over her lips, "what if I didn't want to be saved by anyone?"

    "Well, you're going to have to suffer with the knowledge that I saved you then because I'm not going to idly stand by and let an innocent die," Marschal retorted. "Besides, why would a pretty girl like you want to take your life when you have so much to live for and see?"

    The woman bit her lip and she looked away from him, embarrassed at being discovered for having attempted suicide. "I feel like Life's just out to get me and wants to make me suffer," she answered him in a quieter voice. "No matter what I seem to do, Life is just right there to squirt lemons into my eyes and tell me 'fuck you, you can't have this.' Eventually, I just got sick of everything going wrong and I decided that it was best to just let the world go on without me." Her silver gaze would fall back upon the magus and she reached forward to wrap her arms around his shoulders and hug him.

    Marschal was taken by surprise at the outburst of affection toward him, but didn't hesitate in returning her hug. He rubbed her back light with his hand and pulled her up to a standing position with him, pulling away once they were. "It's a good thing I came in time then; I got the flier that you put up, saying you wanted to go on a date with someone," he spoke up.

    She sniffled and wiped her eyes of the tears that were now streaming down her face, giving a small nod in acknowledgement. "Yes, I wanted to at least have a good time before I decided whether or not I should have killed myself," she responded.

    "If it makes you any happier, I took up that flier and said I'd go on a date with you; are you still up for it? I have a few things in mind, but if you don't want to go out on the town, we can still chill in your house and have a movie night," Marschal stated. "By the way, may I ask what my client's name is? I mean, I could continue to call you beautiful, but I don't think that's your name." He noticed a red blush come upon her face and he grinned wildly, feeling accomplished he had managed to embarrass her.

    "Bri. . . uh. . . Briannicus Martell," she stuttered again, blushing even harder from how he had made her stumble over her words. "P-please, stop calling me beautiful, I'm really not, but I would really like having a movie night with you."

    "Oh, please. . . a pretty girl like you? Of course, you're beautiful, and Briannicus? That's just as beautiful of a name for a girl with stars in her eyes," Marschal flirted. "Now, why are you saying you don't think you're pretty, and while you're at it, let's go set up a movie to watch." He'd take her hand in his and pull her long back down the hallway and through the opposite archway and into the common room.

    "I just don't see myself as being pretty is all; I've never once thought to myself, 'hey, you look damn fine'." Briannicus pulled her hand free and walked over to a mahogany coffee table, picking up the remote to the television. She pointed it at the receiver and turned it on, flipping on the guide and instantly going through the movie channels. "There was this one movie that I wanted to watch, but my friends ended up ditching on me last minute for the movie night. I was pretty upset over it, so I ended up not watching the movie at all. It's a cheesy romance movie though, I hope you don't mind."

    "Not at all, Baby, because one thing's for certain, I can't keep my eyes off you," Marschal smirked as he hit on her. "And if it's worthwhile in knowing; I'd totally fuck you because you're the prettiest damn girl I've run across."

    The blush returned to her face and she plopped down on the couch across from the television, patting the seat next to her. A brilliant smile was on her face and Marschal only grinned wider as he walked over and sat down on the seat. He kicked back and crossed one leg over the other, pulling an arm back to let it rest over the back of the couch.

    "You know, I'm really glad that you wanted to go on this date with me, even if it's just a simple movie night at home," Briannicus spoke up. "I've had such a terrible life that I was certain no one would even take up the offer of the flier I put out. I figured, 'who would want to go on a date with some stranger that they have no idea what she looks like or how she acts?' To them, I could be some psycho that wanted to kill them, but you disregarded all of those thoughts and still wanted to do this. In all honesty, I really am glad that you decided to come here and save me, rather than leaving me like everyone else."

    The movie started up and Marschal shrugged a silent response to her, his eyes upon the television as it glowed brightly in the darkness. Sound blasted over them and he glanced around before pinning his ears against his head to mute the sound a bit. "Hey, if you ever need anything from me, just hit me up with a call and I'll be sure to swing by your house as soon as I can."

    Silence would follow soot as soon as the actual movie started, resulting the depressed woman keeping eye on the television. Marschal would occasionally glance at her, just to make sure she was doing all right, but otherwise would watch the movie as well. Overall, the movie wasn't terrible, but it wasn't one that he would recommend to others, considering it was a romance. In fact, he was more into action movies than anything else, but right now, he felt she needed to be catered to. Thus, he was stuck watching this movie until it ended, and likely having to sit through talk of it as well. His eyebrows scrunched together in thought as he wondered how he would manage to lie his way through it. He wasn't even paying attention to the movie anymore, he was just staring at the girl while she watched it.

    Quietly, he would move his arm down from the couch and over her shoulders, which spooked her a bit, but she settled down rather quickly. His advancements were rather slow, but progressive, and before long, he had her pinned beneath him and lips pressed to hers. He entangled his fingers into her hair and held her down roughly, her arms and legs wrapped around his body. . . Tonight would be a night she'd never forget.

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