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    Another exam!

    Janet Cinderfeild
    Janet Cinderfeild

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    Another exam! Empty Another exam!

    Post by Janet Cinderfeild on 20th June 2016, 9:37 pm

    Apollo looked around the beach curiously looking at the island waiting for Zecarayus to show up He clicked open his watch looking around curiously. He the started walking towards the water preparing his exam. he held his screen out reviewing everything he had on Zecarayus. He used necrotic magic. He was strong but he wanted to give him a test that relied on his skills rather then his magic. As he saw Zecarayus approaching him he looked forward at him giving a small wave as he walked meeting him halfway there he smiled "hello thank you for coming out today hope your ready for your exam today" he sad then looked out to the ocean. he then turned towards Zecarayus smiling a little more at him. "your task today is simple enough there is a chest at the bottom of the ocean i'll mark the spot on a map for you your task is you have two hours to find a way to get to the bottom of the ocean. You'll have to get it open and find the medallion with our guilds emblem good luck Zecarayus make sure you get creative" he said pulling up a view screen typing a few things on it. He then downloaded a point into Zecarayus head that showed a line going down into the water. He then turned looking at him and shaking his head as he stood there a little then he rubbed his neck and sighed. "good luck oh and one more thing for the first hour you can't use magic." he said as he stood there on a shield looking at him waiting for him for proceed, sticking around to make sure he didn't drowned or die after all this was just a exam.

    You have to find a way to sink to the bottem of the ocean and get the medallion get creative^^

    Minimum 10 post at 250 words or the equivalent of it

    For the first five posts minimum you can't use any magic

    PM or message me with any questions


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    Another exam! EVCuZsf

    Another exam! PHedrM0


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    Another exam! Empty Re: Another exam!

    Post by weretiger5411 on 1st July 2016, 3:10 pm

    Zecarayus did come for the exam, but not of his own free will. Originally he could have cared less about being recognized higher in power at the guild. However...his mentor disagreed with him. “You will go to this exam for your guild and we will see if your confidence is rightly founded.” he would have said to zecarayus in the spooky forest near his cabin. Zecarayus would have sighed and responded to the lich, “Understand that the reputation alone of a necromancer is enough to scare others off. That and the manipulation of death itself is enough to be reckoned with...I don’t really see reason to prove my worth to the guild.”  The lich stared quietly at zecarayus for a moment before raising his skeleton hand and caused a ray of bright purple with a dark outline to shoot out and go through zecarayu’s stomach. Zecarayus was surprised and took the whole hit, landing on his knees after the blast and huddled over his stomach. The lich followed, “The purpose of this exam is not to prove your worth to the guild, but to prove your worth to me, now go to the guild.” The lich finished, would have floated off deeper in the woods back to zecarayus’s home leaving the injured zecarayus where he was. With a grunt, he got up and started for his guild, slowly at first but got use to the pain and moved on.

    At this point he would have arrived at the guild, but he was told his exam was to take place on Tenrouijima island. Zecarayus had never heard of the place, and had to be directed to a book that when he opened it, it teleported him to the beach of some strange island. Zecarayus realized it had to be tenroujima island, and then quickly noticed that it was scorching hot. He decided to take off his shoes and socks and walked barefoot near the tides hitting the beach, allowing the cool water to hit his bare feet. He did not know who he was to look for on the exam, he was only told that he was to find the one running his exam somewhere on the beach. He continued walking before seeing a figure far off, and as he walked closer zecarayus recognized the figure as apollo. Zecarayus did not know much on apollo except for the fact he was another mage at the guild and knew some sort of blocking magic, learning these things from the one time he went on a job with him. He walked closer to apollo and then he got up and met zecarayus half way. Apollo then explained what he was to do for his exam, apparently zecarayus was to swim out into the middle of the ocean and dive down to the bottom in order to retrieve something out of a chest using his guild mark. Zecarayus was caught off guard by this, and wondered how he was going to get their using his magic. Next the map apollo downloaded into zecarayus’s head was recieved and he was caught off guard by it for a moment. Confused and a little overwhelmed, he managed to hear apollo giving him a time limit and told him for the first half of the hour he could not use his magic.

    With all this in his head, zecarayus nodded and stumbled near the shades of the trees and sat, processing everything what just happened. He now had two hours to go swim into the ocean, dive down to the bottom at a spot, and retrieve a medallion and get back somehow all under two hours. He was however more concerned with what apollo just did, or what he assumed apollo did. Zecarayus did not know how apollo just...popped his message into Zecarayus’s head and it bothered him. He remember feeling like this once before, when the first time he met kanix she knew his name without and clear way how. Now remembering both sent chills down his spine, was it so easy to invade someone's mind? To gain or put information that should be talked about rather than put or taken? He wanted to think more about this and ask apollo if he thought it was right to do something like that, but then he remembered he had a exam to do. He sighed and began to recount the limitations he had. First was time, he apparently had only two hours to get this done. He did not have a watch on him, but he was taught young that the sun was a good indicator of time. He looked up at it and noticed it was around the 10 o’clock position, which meant that his time would be up once the sun hit the middle of the sky the the 12 o’clock position. Okay okay, so now..he looked around, he had the knowledge he needed but now needed to find a way to get to the spot..without magic.

    He was able to access the memory(Zecarayus still found it odd but he went with it) and knew now that it was quite a distance from the shoreline. He knew how to swim, but he was unsure if he could swim that far out into the ocean by his own will. Even with his magic he was unsure if he could, but he already knew that he could not use magic for now. So he scratched his head and got up, looked around at what he could possibly do. He then figured that heeded to make something to help him swim to the spot in question. Of course their was not any boats or rafts around so he needed to get creative. He then saw some small branches and tested it, bending it while on the tree. He noticed it was still strong enough to break, but after several trial and errors he found a branch that did break. He continued this process until he gathered a bundle of small branches. Laying them out on the beach before him he looked back into the trees, Now what to tie them with? He thought to himself. He looked back through the trees and could not find vines or anything ropelike. He sighed then looked back up at the sun, he knew it changed and it was more close to the center of the sky then before. He realized and had to think of what to bind the sticks together with. He then remembered he had a belt on, and then looked over at where he set his shoes down. Zecarayus hesitated for a moment as he knew what needed to be done, But remembered what needed to be done and in a limited time. So Zecarayus with the sticks and his shoes went further down the beach away from apollo, not because he was trying to be sneaky but because he was shy about disrobing. This was because he took off his belt to tie around the bundle of sticks, then using his shoelaces he helped keep it together to make a makeshift board. With this he hoped it would help him swim towards the spot in the ocean, and it was in good enough shape to stay solid til then. Now all he had was swim while using it to keep him afloat on the ocean.

    So after checking the sun again to make sure how much time he had(which looked like about a hour), zecarayus took off his shirt, pants, socks, and necklace, leaving him to swim out to the spot in blue boxers. He did look out with some hesitation, he did know how to swim but he was not sure how hard it would be to get over to where he needed to go. But he sighed and forced himself forward into the waves as he walked through until he could not feel the sand anymore, in which he started to swim with the makeshift board on his chest. At first zecarayus was nervous about the swim, he was unsure of how fast he would be able to swim. However after going at a steady pace he realized the task was not that hard, all it would take was time. Of course the thought entered his head if he had the time to swim at leisure. He kept swimming but after seeing the distance left to swim, he thought that he would not be able to reach the spot in time. So he picked up the pace in his swim, and though it was making him more tired he knew he had to be by that spot with enough time to dive down and up before 12 o’clock. So once he had a set distance in his head he swam to that point, before utilizing his spirit dash to dash above the water. He was amazed by the view of the ocean in the fade, it was coursing with energy and spirits of animals, constantly swimming as if they were churning the waves themselves. But he knew he had arrived above the spot on where the chest was underwater and called off the spirit dash. However he miscalculated as he somehow managed to be a good six feet above the ocean surface before falling straight down.

    The ocean was oddly cold and zecarayus swam back up to the surface and realized how far from the beach he was, to where he could barely see the sand from how far out he was in the ocean. But zecarayus knew from the map apollo put in his head that he was above the chest. The hard part now was to dive all the way down to the bottom and retrieve the medallion, and make it back to the beach somehow in time. Zecarayus knew at this point that his time was limited, so he decided to result to his magic. He did know that he could use now since he figured one hour has passed already and knew he had to use it now to reach that chest. So with an idea in mind he dove under the water, he realized that he could not see the chest from where he was nor the bottom, meaning it was most likely very deep. So zecarayus first cast his spell, feeling his flesh whither away to just bones. Now he no longer had to worry about breathing, and he did not need vision since thanks to apollo he knew where the chest was on the ocean floor. So with that knowledge he utilized his spirit dash again going straight downward into the depths. Normally he would not have been able to keep it at the rate he was going, but he was putting extra mana and effort into it in order to reach the bottom. At one point in the fade he could see the bottom of the ocean floor, and stopped the dash. And while he was right near the chest, it was pitch black in the water.

    Zecarayus was first shocked when he noticed how black it was around him, and for a moment he grew scared, unsure of what was in the darkness of the waters. However he gathered himself as the location of the chest showed in zecarayus’s mind, so all he needed to do was locate it and get back. He felt around for something hard and wooden, his footsteps hard to make under the pressure of how deep he was but still managed. His foot then hit something solid, and he knealt to feel what it was that he hit. It felt round and hard, and then all of a sudden his guild mark began to glow in the water, giving off a bright red glow. He started to move his hand around in the dark, and using the light from the guild mark he realized he was at the chest. He then noticed the guild mark on the chest and shown his guild mark in the front of it. In an instant something clicked, and the chest was unlocked, inside a light could be seen. Zecarayus was nervous and excited about this, his heart would have been pounding if he had it, and he opened the chest, the bright light shown out and lit the darkness in the water around him. Inside as apollo had said was a medallion, a silver one with the fairy tail symbol on it and a saying inscribed below it “Do fairies really have tails? Do they even exist? Like them, fairy tail is an eternal mystery. A never ending adventure!”
    Zecarayus read it and honestly never heard of that before. Zecarayus would have had admitted though, a lot of things happened in the guild and usually the outcomes were very odd to him. But maybe that was part of the mystery he was involved in?

    He looked at the medallion and kept it around his neck(or spine bone) and looked around in the darkness. All he needed now was to get back to shore. However something enormous swam passed behind zecrayus, the noise in water created it. He turned to only see darkness and then forward, being wary as he looked around. Then he stopped and cautiously listened, and then he turned when he heard the noise. He was met with a giant creature fish, long teeth on the bottom and top jaws that were open heading at zecarayus. Zecarayus panicked and used the chest as leverage to move out of the giant beasts way. The beast swam by and took the glowing chest with it, and as the chest moved farther away the light from zecarayus’s guild mark too, leaving zecarayus in darkness. Zecarayus first crouched low on the ocean floor and tried to listened for movement, his mind in a panic about how to get himself out of here and away from the monstrous fish. Are you really panicking zecarayus? the familiar voice sounded in his head, it was the lich kel’thuzad. You try facing off against something you can’t see! he replied in his head, then heard the noise of the thing swimming by again, it seemed it also had lost zecarayus momentarily. That is not an excuse to cower like this zecarayus, I had taught you better than that. You taught me to be emotionless, and I refuse to believe one has to be emotionless in order to survive. And yet here you are, panicked and scared because you are unsure what to do. zecarayus was silent and did not reply, because he thought his mentor could have been right. He then heard the giant fish again swimming around him, it was now circiling and soon it would catch him unless zecarayus did something. Well?...Ok fine, it may be good to become emotionless kel, now how would that help me? Ay zecarayus you must get yourself out of this mess, not me. Though I will tell you this, you have the tools already to do so, you just don’t want to use them. And that was the last zecarayus would hear from his mentor.

    Zecarayus thought to himself at what he had available to use, and then he realized he did have the means too. Problem was it was not going to be pretty, and he avoided using the spell because of that. However as he could hear the fish swim ever so closer, he knew he had no choice. So he stood, and he heard the fish pick up movement in the water and turned to charge at zecarayus. Zecarayus then focused veil fire into his eye sockets, proving as a small underwater source of light. With that he could see the charging fish and he prepped the spell. He then had both his hands outward toward the charging fish, and focused his magic to his hands. The pulsing black energy oddly lit up the dark around zecarayus and flowed outward, the energy moved like serpents as it hit the fish. Zecarayus then saw the damage done, the energy swarmed through the monstrous fish, tearing and devouring the flesh, skin, and organs of the fish as it coursed through it. When the spell was done with it’s cast, he watched as the skeleton of the monstourous fish collided into the ground near zecarayus. Zecarayus sighed in relief, but realized now that he had to get back to the beach quickly. However he saw the bones of the giant fish, and had an idea.

    Back at the beach the time would have neared 12 o’clock, perhaps all that was left was a few minutes before it reached it. However in the water something could be seen rising in the waves, as it drew closer to the beach it could be seen that it was massive, then white could be seen/ As it got closer it could be seen that it was a skeleton, a massive skeleton that was moving at a blistering speed towards the beach. As it got closer it looked like it would have run aground on the beach, but then when it landed on the beach it actually had front legs. The massive skeletal corpse, the one zecarayus killed, would have then opened it’s massive jaws to let a skeleton walk out, blue lights can be seen in it’s sockets. It walked toward apollo and ripped the necklace off, and would have showed it to apollo. “Here is the medallion, hopefully on time yes?” zecarayus would have said. He would have not waited around for a response after looking down and realizing he had lost his blue boxers somehow. Of course he was still a skeleton, but to turn back to flesh would be embarrassing in the least. So he ran over to retrieve his pants as the monstourous fish corpse collapsed on the beach, their was after all no need for it to be moving. Zecarayus once had his pants on reverted to his human self, and went over to sit under a tree and closed his eyes for a nap. For truth be told, the whole ordeal required a lot of his mana, which he was fortunate to have but still tired him out. Regardless though, he knew he would hear later either by apollo or the guild if he passed his exam or not.


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