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    Some People Build Walls and Others Build Windmills [Marschal Leigh]


    Some People Build Walls and Others Build Windmills [Marschal Leigh] Empty Some People Build Walls and Others Build Windmills [Marschal Leigh]

    Post by Guest on 20th June 2016, 1:35 pm

    ❊ Hiraeth ❊
    Job Description:

    Job Title: Where's My Goldfish Part 2
    Rank: D Rank
    Player Requirements: Any Rank, max 2 mages. At least 1 player must have completed "Where's My Goldfish?"
    Job Requirements: 700 words per player minimum
    Job Location: Clover Town (sewers)
    Job Description:
    Remember that girl that lost her goldfish? The Clover Town Guard found it... and it's angry. Which means it's your job to make sure it stays dead this time!

    Boss: Goldfish
    20 feet long... Check.Hundreds of snaggleteeth... Check. Nasty attitude... Check. Ability to breath fire and shoot laser beams from its eyes... Check. Takes 10 hits of D Rank damage to kill... Check!

    Reward: 200 Jewel

    Marschal didn't even make it out of the town when he was quickly bombarded by a guard running in a B-line straight in his direction. He paused in his tracks and stared at the fleeing guard, curious to know what he was running from in such a place. As far as he knew, there was nothing scary to run from, but perhaps in his time of being in Felicia's home to now, something had come around. However, it was only when the guard approached closer to the young mage did Marschal realize he was running toward him. The man wasn't simply running in his direction to get away from something, he apparently was coming to him. His eyebrows scrunched together in concern, pursing his lips together and watching as the Rune Knight slowed down when he was nearer. Hearing the heavy breathing of the man, Marschal quirked an eyebrow up at the Knight and waited for him to speak.

    "E-excuse. . . me," the man breathed out heavily, keeled over with his hands resting on his knees as he spoke. "There's an . . .i-issue down in the Clover Tow. . . Town Sewers, and I think that y-you should check it out if you're. . . willing to." The man sucked in a deep breath and let it out before pushing himself up to a standing position and looking Marschal in the eye.

    His eyebrow dropped back to its normal level and he gave a bursting yawn before answering the Rune Knight. "I suppose I can take a look, but I really see no reason as to why you came running to me of all people. Isn't there an actual guild that would be more willing to handle the situation than I would happen to be?"

    "Well, the thing about this, sir, is that you know the little girl you came into town for?" the Rune Knight inquired.

    "How did you know I took up that job?" Marschal retorted, scrunching his eyebrows again and suspiciously looking at the man.

    "D-doesn't matter right now!" the man stated in a flustered tone of voice after having been caught, "what matters is that goldfish is down there. It's not just any goldfish either, it's at least 20 feet long, has razor-sharp teeth, and shoots laser beams from its eyes and breaths fire from its mouth."

    "Whoa-hoa-hoa, slow down there, Bub. I'll go down into the sewers to check it out for you, but keep the weirdness to yourself," he stated.

    The Rune Knight quickly nodded and turned away from the guildless mage, beckoning with a hand for him to follow. Marschal didn't say anything to this man, rather he simply followed him back the way the Rune Knight had run from. Had he been looking for him all along then? If the man knew about him taking up this job, surely he had been. . . Keeping quiet, the mage twisted and turned down alleys and streets, until they had come upon a manhole in the street. Watching as the Rune Knight bent down and lifted the heavy plating away, Marschal maneuvered closer and crouched down.

    "Just down there, sir; the beast can't be too hard to miss with how fucking large it is," he stated in an impolite manner.

    Marschal merely nodded in response and slipped down into the hole, falling for a moment's notice before harshly landing on the ground.

    His landing echoed in the empty sewers and he looked around, though wasn't able to see anything other than miles of sewage. Grimacing and wrinkling his nose, the mage started down the right way of the sewers, covering his nose with a sleeve. A roaring deep within the sewers could be heard and he wasn't certain if it was a waterfall or the goldfish he was looking for. So, the mage would head down that way, his footsteps echoing as he walked the cavernous Clover Town Sewers.

    "This shit is nasty; of all people, why did they have to send the guy with the strongest sense of smell down here?" Marschal snarled. He nearly choked on the rancid air as he muttered under his breath, not at all delighted by the scent of the sewers.

    The roaring came again and his ears perked forward, swiveling to the front as they intently listened to the estranged sound. Marschal quickened his pace and scrambled along the cement of the sewers, running down alley after alley. He nearly slipped and fell into the sewage a few times, himself, though each time he had caught himself before he did. Eventually, the roaring grew to an indescribable loudness that forced the mage to fold his ears downward to mute the sound. His golden optics fluttered over the scenery as he tried to pick up any sight that wouldn't be caught by the human eye. Deep within the waters, he noticed a bubbling and slight movement, as if something was swimming beneath it.

    "Ah hell nah, I ain't going down in that water to kill this thing and how fucking deep are the sewage channels?" Marschal pointed out.

    Gritting his teeth, the magus shook his fist and took a step back before taking a running leap into the waters. Splashing into the sewage, the disturbance startled whatever it was that was hiding beneath the liquid nastiness and brought it forth. Roaring forward, the massive goldfish rose from the depths of the water, liquid rolling off its slimy scales. Marschal had been clinging onto the large beast and as it rose up from the waters, he found himself free-falling to splash back in. Angrily, Marschal swam to the surface and scrambled back onto the cement, coughing and sputtering up much of the water. He lifted himself to his feet, though quite soggy, and turned to face the massive creature with his fists raised.

    "All right, Papi, let's see just how strong you really are!" he called out, moving one hand down to unhitch the gourd and bring it to his lips. Marschal chugged down a decent amount of the liquid and removed it from his lips, placed it back on his hip. He let out a burp and chuckled deeply, crouching down into a roundhouse guard stance and waiting for the fish to make a move.

    It released a beam of laser light at the man and Marschal narrowly dodged the attack, launching himself at the fish. He swung his right leg forward and slammed the side of his foot into the head of the creature, knocking it away. However, the fish didn't move out of the way quick enough and his former attack was followed up by a palm heel to the forehead. This pushed the creature back farther and angered it even more, enough that it gnashed its teeth at the mage. Its razor-sharp teeth snagged onto his arm and yanked him down into the waters with a surprised yelp, followed by silence. Marschal was quickly dragged beneath the waters and the fish sped down the channels at a rather fast pace. All the while, he struggled to free his arm and not swallow any of the water that tried penetrating his mouth.

    Stiffening his right hand slightly, the man brought down his fist upon the goldfish's head in a move similar to shuto. He curled the first set of his knuckles and slammed his fist into the solar plexus on the beast, shooting the creature up and out of the water. Marschal quickly followed after it, resurfacing and taking in a deep breath of the rancid, but still fresh air. Swimming to one side of the sewer canal, the magus pulled himself up onto the cement and shifted onto his feet. Swinging around, the man would land a roundhouse kick to the goldfish's side as it came tumbling from the ceiling. Yet as he did so, the creature let out a breath of fire in his direction, quickly scorching the man and causing a burn. Letting out a cry of pain and frustration, Marschal twisted on his leading foot and brought his left leg up into a front-snap high kick.

    The kick connected with the fish's jaw and sent the beast flying in the opposite direction they were currently facing. It crashed into one of the walls and crumbled a bit of the bricks, flopping onto the ground and wriggling to get back into the water. Marschal took another swig of his gourd and pressed back onto his heel before launching himself into the air after the fish. He curled his hand into a fist and plowed it down into the flopping fish, causing it to be sent back into the water. Despite how disgusted he was with the sewer, Marschal did not hesitate in following after the creature and into the depths of the sewage. A laser beam was shot into his direction, grazing his flesh and causing him to cry out, reaching to hold his arm. Angrily, the man slammed his fist into the fish twice more, leading up to another roundhouse kick to the jaw.

    Sent flying back into the air, the fish landed heavily onto the cement walkway of the sewers, with Marschal swimming up after it. Breaking the surface, the magus breathed in deeply and swam over to where the fish was, lifting himself up onto the landing. Dripping wet, the man walked over to the stilled creature, looking down at it to notice blood pooling from its injuries. He smirked and kicked it into the side, only he was a little too drunk to aim correctly and toppled over onto his rump. Groaning, he pulled himself to his feet and headed away from the goldfish, back the way he had come, or so he thought. He reached a small opening that had a ladder leading upward, and he'd grab hold of it, pulling himself up to the surface. The manhole covered, the magus used his fist and punched at it, rocketing the cover off the opening and crawling out.

    "That is. . . thhhhe last time I eat. . . ffffffffish" he slurred out, stumbling around in the street as he made his way back to wherever he happened to be going. He couldn't remember anymore.

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