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    Delicious Wine! [Private]


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    Delicious Wine! [Private] Empty Delicious Wine! [Private]

    Post by Sayuno 20th June 2016, 1:05 pm


    Rose Garden. A beautiful city with which Sayuno was quiet familiar with by now. It was definitely one of the places in Fiore she enjoyed the most, thanks to its relaxing and calming vibes and the friendly atmosphere. People here weren’t trying to pick a fight with you and she could just disappear into the crowds, like she always did, without being noticed by anyone. Well, that had worked out well so far except for that time she had met Deniel, but the first God of Ishval didn’t count. While she was in Rose Garden Sayuno usually didn’t do much other than to relax, look around, do some shopping and things like that. Today she was interested in visiting a certain place that she had heard of. It was a high class restaurant in Rose Garden, one Sayuno had been once by now, that apparently needed help with some people who knew something about wine. They were in the progress of creating their own brand of homemade wine and for the sake of making it delicious they invited people from all over the world to test out their wine and give them criticism to help them with improving the quality. Sayuno, who has a heavy drinker herself rarely got drunk so she decided to participate in that event. The owner had invited several people but ended up only letting a few test out the wine before actually serving it to the customers, and those who could help him improve the quality would receive a coupon with a free visit for the next time, where they could eat as much as they wanted to. Sayuno was definitely down for that.

    She arrived at the restaurant and received the owner's instructions. They were simple, all he really wanted to know was whether or not his wine was the best they had ever tasted. Sayuno, who was a very honest and straightforward person when it came to these type of things could easily help him answer those questions. The restaurant was just the way Sayuno remembered it and quickly after she had sat down she was offered some of the finest wines she had ever tasted. It was rich, not too sweet in tastes and very aromatic. The colour was a deep red and it looked almost creamy despite not being so. Sayuno herself luckily preferred sweet wines so this one was certainly one of her favourites, however she mentioned that it could be less sweet, especially if you considered the meals they served in the restaurant. While the wine itself was fantastic, she could see how many people may think that it was too heavy on them if they drank it together with a steak, or some pasta at the restaurant. Something a little more light would not only taste better but also sell better, because guests would be able to consume more of it. He thanked her for her ide and criticism and it turned out that she hadn’t been the only one who thought like that. Just as promised the man rewarded her with said coupon, which would allow her to dine for free, as much as she wanted to, the next time - including the wine if he had perfected the recipe by then. Quite satisfied with her work and judgement Sayuno left the Rose Garden and returned to the hotel she was staying in.

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