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    Freaking Goldfishy [Private]


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    Freaking Goldfishy [Private] Empty Freaking Goldfishy [Private]

    Post by Sayuno on 20th June 2016, 1:03 pm


    Sayuno had arrived in Clover Towns without having any plans thus far. The city was, apparently, home to the guild Blue Pegasus, a legal guild loyal to the Magic Council that Sayuno wanted nothing to do with. However, since she was a guildless mage herself it shouldn’t be a problem. She wasn’t really looking for jobs, just trying to pass some time. Most jobs in Blue Pegasus for low ranked mages gave fairy little reward money, and was mostly for a good cause. Sayuno could work with that if she wanted to but it wasn’t exactly what she was interested in. Clover wasn’t the biggest town, neither was it the prettiest she had ever seen, but she definetely wouldn’t mind spending some time here.

    She was traveling across Fiore and she would stop where ever and she was just to see where it would get here. Most streets in Clover were surprisingly small and as she walked through the to look at the different buildings she got a somewhat friendly vibe from the city. Sayuno had considered moving to another city rather than Talonia at some point, it wasn’t as if she had many things to carry with herself anyways, however so far no place had been as charming as Talonia itself. Sayuno moved on but was caught off-guard when she heard a little girl screaming from one of the houses nearby. Wondering whether or not it was something that might interest her, she approached the house, which door stood open, and took a careful look inside.

    The view was rather interesting. A young girl sat in the middle of the living room, on the ground, next to an empty fish bowl. Rather small, probably only for one fish. She was all by herself and although it was none of her business Sayuno couldn’t help but sigh heavily before stepping into the room. “What’s the matter, little one?” She asked and furrowed her brows. The young girl was no older than 9, she was sobbing intensely and Sayuno was wondering just where the hell her parents were. Sayuno hated kids, so in a way it brought her joy that this one was crying all helplessly like that. But the sound was getting annoying quickly, so she decided to turn around and just walk away. Unfortunately, when she attempted to do so she felt a small, yet firm grip around her left wrist that pulled her backwards. “My goldfish is gone,” the little girl explained under tears,  Sayuno wasn’t exactly the kind of person to be gentle with children so she just crouched down, in front of the girl, smiled at her and nodded. ‘“Indeed. It’s dead, or a cat broke in and ate it. But you know, that’s not even a problem because if you shut up about it and just tell your parents calmly they wil surely buy you a new one and you saved yet another gold fish. Just take better care of that one, k?” The girl had magically stopped crying and Sayuno sighed with relief before turning around to leave again.

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