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    Yuno's iLac [Private]


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    Yuno's iLac [Private] Empty Yuno's iLac [Private]

    Post by Sayuno on Sun 19 Jun - 20:10


    The Neutral Grounds weren’t like any other city in Fiore. It was a place Sayuno had only heard about but today she was visiting for the first time. The Neutral Grounds were, as the name suggested, a place where magic simply could not function. A place where people from all over the world could gather, where import and export was the main source of income for the city and where powerful battles couldn’t be held. It was quite fascinating to say the least and the moment Sayuno stepped inside the city she could feel her magic power vanish into nothingness. It had always been very little to begin with, unfortunately, but feeling how it was completely gone and she couldn’t have used it even if she wanted to was a whole nother experience.

    According to the rumors she had heard even the world destroying weapon Etherion did not have power here, which is why this place was exactly where she was gonna go in case the world was ever going to be in danger like that. Today, however, the young sorceress had come for a whole different reason. The latest trend had made its way to her ears and she had heard rumors about a fairly new, modern, technical and practical device called the iLac. Apparently it was some sort of phone powered by the power of a lacrima and if you visited the fabric that created them soon enough you could get one for free.

    All they really needed you to do was to use it for some free advertising and apparently you were good to go. Luckily, the fabric wasn’t too far away from where she was so a simple walk of 15 minutes would do. They had done a great job at preparing all this because once Yuno entered there was already a woman waiting for her so she could introduce her to the iLac. They talked for a while and Sayuno decided that she wanted one in rose, the same color as her eyes, for herself. The lady explained the different functions to her which were all fairly handy, much to Sayuno’s surprise. It had functions for calendars, alarm clocks, even a calculator and a preinstalled app for the sorcerer magazine.

    However, the most handy thing about this little device was that you could easily call another person who also had an iLac providing that they give you their identification number. Sayuno had no friends and thus obviously also no one who could probably share their number with her, but she decided that it was useful either way and might come in handy in the future. The iLac was very much shaped like a tiny mobile phone and Sayuno, who was quite impressed by its technology, decided to visit the iLac shop afterwards to buy some extras. She ended up with a special case, a pencil as well as a string for it in case she wanted to carry it around her neck. Once she had everything she needed for her iLac Sayuno left the Neutral Grounds the same day.

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