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    The dirtiest job


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    The dirtiest job Empty The dirtiest job

    Post by FeitanKazeshini on Wed 15 Jun 2016 - 20:06

    This job was not one that Feitan was looking forward to getting done, but he was a true mercenary, and he would do any job that paid him. This particular job was not the one that he wanted to do. It was so far beneath him not only as a wizard, not only as a mercenary, but also as the Tombkeeper of the Laughing Coffin guild. He would not have done it unless he was specifically instructed to do so by Haruhi which he was indeed told to do. So now he made his way towards Hosenka with a small bit of self-hatred and loathing. It was not going to be something he enjoyed doing, but he would indeed get the job done it was who he was, it was what he was, and he had been assigned a task. This task was so degrading however, and he would never be happy with what was going to happen. He also didn’t really have much of a plan to do things, but he would indeed use the only plan he had, and it would not be something he enjoyed either. This job was a simple one he had to help some no account lazy stable owner clean his stables in a single night. Doing so would not be a terrible waste of his time, but he would be paid, and he made sure that it was at least a decent amount of money. He had only one night, and it really wasn’t going to be that tall of an order, but it would just be a dirty job, a dirty job that he would not be comfortable with doing. He thought that Haruhi knew that, and some part of him knew that she didn’t care in fact he was curious if she delighted in the fact she was making him do a job that she knew he would find beneath him. Yet, the honor of the Laughing Coffin guild was on the line, and he had to see the job done. The Laughing Coffin never turned down a chance to make money, never went back on their contracts, and always guaranteed their work.

    As he arrived in Hosenka he was quickly drawn to the stable in question by the smell that was coming from the city. He followed his nose letting himself be drawn to that rancid scent. It soon dawned on him just how big of a task this would actually be, and he groaned loudly standing outside the stable in question shaking his head “This is an absolute nightmare. I can’t believe she would make us take this kind of job. Absolutely repulsive, and I should murder everyone in this damned city.” It was at this point that the owner of the stable came running out to him “oh are you the one sent by that Laughing guild? Oh thank goodness for you to come here! I was so worried that I wouldn’t have any help!” Feitan held up a hand and pointed to a barrel standing nearby nodding “Are there more of those? Can we get more? Where would I find more of them?” The owner looked to the barrel and thought a moment trying to figure out what the man needed or wanted. He seemed to think it over and then he shrugged “I have at least five more barrels like that, but why does that matter?” Feitan glared at him “This will go faster if you just answer the questions that I ask, and don’t get in my way. If you try to get in my way, then you will lose your stables and then be out on the street. Now where can I find more of these barrels?” The man looked pale as a ghost and he pointed down to the docks gulping “T-The docks have more of those barrels and some bigger ones in fact…B-But, I don’t own them, a-and I can’t promise that it won’t be considered stealing.”

    Feitan glanced to the docks and nodded his head silently “Then that is where I shall head. You stay here and get all the barrels you can. I shall return shortly.” He said as he tugged on the collar of his cloak. Suddenly the cloak split in two and it formed into a scarf with two great tails to it. He willed these to slowly take on the shape of two great wings. With a single flap of them he rose into the air soaring down to the docks with as much speed as he could possibly muster up in himself. Doing this proved to be the good route and it would be the wonderful view he would need in order to find his way back before as well as the fact that it gave him a bird’s eye view over the whole of the city. He found the quickest route to and from the stable to the docks, but he really didn’t need these. Flying was always the quickest way to travel and he neared the dock lowering himself to the ground looking around as he flew over the docks and the ships that were there. He found exactly what he was looking for and there were several ships that had barrels near them and on their decks. He would take the ones on the docks first before he would bother taking the ones on the ship or even trying to, before he could take them he still had to determine if they were full or empty. He landed among a series of barrels and several of them were full indeed he found this out the hard way by trying to lift them. Feitan was by no means a weak person, and he could be quite the physical force that would terrify most, but he couldn’t carry a barrel full of water, dead fish, or anything else in flight. He was in luck however as there were four or so barrels that were empty and they were bigger than the ones that the stable master had.

    The barrels were twice his size around and taller than him they would be perfect indeed for what he wanted to do with them. So he took them and their lids in his arms. Empty barrels were far lighter and he could carry them one at a time to the stables. He grabbed the first one in both hands letting the wings made of the scarf flapped and they took him away towards the stables with as much speed as he was able to muster from them. It didn’t take him all that long and he dropped the first barrel down looking back to the street where the stable was on. It wasn’t close to anything and he groaned out loud as he shook his head in annoyance “Is there a cart anywhere? Do you have a cart or a wagon you normally use for this kind of thing?” The man looked to Feitan as he finished putting out the last of his own barrels nodding his head carefully “yes, I don’t have it here right now, but I can go get it.” Feitan nodded his head in approval as he thought about his plan “Is it sturdy? Can it hold these barrels?” This question caused the man to think some and he then shook his head lightly “I am afraid that It can’t hold all of them. It can hold all of the barrels that I have, and it’ll hold two barrels of the size that you have brought here, it isn’t a weight issue it is simply a size issue.”

    Feitan was already thinking and he sighed heavily shaking his head once more “Seems I will also need some rope. Alright I will keep getting the barrels and the other supplies I want you to go out and get that cart of yours. It will be sacrificed for the greater good, but it is either that or we fail this mission tonight and I shall not let that happen. The honor of my guild is on the line and I won’t let you be the one who forces me to stain that great honor.” With that he lifted himself up into the air and he flew down to the docks once more. He was looking for rope this time near the barrels that he had decided he would take for his purposes. He moved about the pier and then decided that the ship would be the better bet and he floated over the ground and above the deck of the ship. He was very careful not to touch the ship for fear of rocking it or possibly disturbing it in any way, and he didn’t want to alert any of the crew who may or may not be below decks to his presence or his activities. It didn’t take him all that long to find a great bundle of rope. He picked it up carefully smiling as it was much heavier than he thought which meant not only was it stronger in the material that was used to make it, but it was also long enough for what he wanted to do. He then flew down back onto the pier and grabbed three more barrels moving them into a triangle shape.

    With the barrels set up the way he wanted he went about tying them all to each other with the rope that he had stolen and he had a bundle of Barrels. With the extra rope he wrapped it around himself tying it to him and he gripped it with both hands. It took his wings a bit more effort in order to get off of the ground this time around, but he was soon airborne and was flying back to the stable with as much speed as he could muster. The flight was painful on his body as the rope was digging into his flesh due to the fact the barrels were heavy and being suspended in dead animation in the air along with the friction of the movement the barrels acting like a pendulum when he slowed down and arrived at the stable. Carefully he lowered himself down to the ground and unstrapped all of the barrels. The man had just arrived with his so called cart, and indeed it was as big as the man said it was and he nodded his head in approval “Alright this is how we shall do it. We shall use these stolen barrels first as they are bigger. I am going to use my giant hands in order to shovel this disgusting mess into these barrels. You are to seal them and get the next one ready for me to fill up. Once I have cleaned up the mess then we shall pack the cart and I shall take it out of town somewhere it won’t bother the people of Hosenka leaving it out to rot and degrade naturally. This includes your cart. Now get out of my way and make sure that you are doing just what I have told you to do.”

    The man needed no further coaxing and he opened the first barrel. Feitan inhaled in annoyance getting himself ready in order to get things done. He willed the wings of the scarf to turn into giant hands. He used these to scoop up the manure soaking up the liquid and he then dumped the solid stuff into the barrels. It was this way that he worked and it took him only a few scoops in order to fill the first barrel. The hands were far more effective than any other method he could use due to the fact the fists were bigger than he was and they were absorbent due to the fabric of the scarf in general. He was grateful that the overlord Laharl couldn’t see what he was doing to the scarf that his powerful father had given to him otherwise Hosenka would be a crater and he would be ashes. Still he focused and soon he found a shovel designed for this purpose and he did indeed pick it up in his own hands and began to shovel the stuff into the barrel himself and after several more hours he filled up all four of the barrels he had stolen, but the best news was that the stables were completely clean and while his scarf was almost dripping with those disgusting fluids the stable was clean. He took the time to stack the barrels with his scarf and strapped them down being that he had to stack them up two high and he was not confident in them.

    Now he looked to the man nodding his head “Put my payment in my pocket.” The man did just that and looked at the stables “I owe you so much.” Feitan simply shrugged “Just promote the Laughing Coffin guild who saved you from this terrible situation.” He then used his great hands to drag the cart out of Hosenka moving as fast as he could given the situation. It took him the rest of the night and most of the earliest morning to get out of Hosenka and he made his way down the road dragging his foul smelling cart. After he had left the city behind and he couldn’t see it any longer he pulled off of the road and pulled it into the wilderness a good distance away from the road. He smiled as he simply abandoned the cart in the middle of the wilderness the wood of the cart and the barrels would erode over time and manure was always biodegradable so there was no reason to worry about polluting, not that he cared anyway. With his burden abandoned and himself freed he willed the scarf to turn into wings and he made them lift off. As he did he was dripping manure liquids as he flew and with each flap he would splatter the ground below him with more of the disgusting liquid. He would have to seriously wash his scarf when he got back to the Laughing Coffin guild hall, and he would never see this hell hole of a city again if he could avoid it. 

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