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    Taste Test (Mission)


    Shadow of Death

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    Taste Test (Mission) Empty Taste Test (Mission)

    Post by Sol 15th June 2016, 1:18 am

    Sol yawned as he walked thru the town of Rose Garden, normally the man enjoyed being such an amazing city where magic was everywhere but right now he was tired and all he desired was to finish this mission quickly so he could get a room and then pass out, he recalled that this mission was rather easy and would also net him a free meal since all he had to do was taste a batch of home made wine from a very high end restaurant here in the city. As he turned the corner the tired mage caught sight of the restaurant in question and he quickly ducked inside. The inside was very fancy but not to outlandish as Sol approached the person at the desk.”good day sir do you have a reservation?” he asked politely and Sol had to hold back from being a smartass and replied quickly”I’m afraid I don’t but I am from a mage guild I took the request to taste some wine from the owner here

    Ah yes of course, we are a bit busy but I’ll have you seated at a privet table while you wait” the server said before another server came up and escorted Sol to the back of the building near the kitchen where a few small tables were placed. It didn’t take long before the owner came out to speak with him.”Thank you very much for taking the job I really need someones opinion on the wine I just made and I can’t risk testing it out on customers so I put the job out” the man explained before he pulled out two bottles and two glasses.

    He uncorked both of them and poured them into the glasses, they were both red and from what Sol could smell both contained some form or fruit in them.”the one on the left is a wine we import in from a nighboring city and the right is the home made wine” the owner explained as the slayer pick up the one of the left first. He took a small sip and focused on the taste, the man caught the alcohol and it was subtle but could be tasted but he also caught the taste of blueberrys maple and cinnamon it was odd but also very tasty.

    Taking the right glass Sol took a slightly larger sip and he was slightly impressed at how subdued the alcohol flavor was it was even better then the imported one and the slayer also detected notes of Licorice and cherry along with a small note of chocolate. After he swallowed sol put the glass back and he closed his eyes as he contemplated, after a few moment he touched the glass on the right.”This wine is better your did rather well” the slayer complemented as the owner smiled and nodded."Thank you sir the next time your in here your meal will be free of charge thanks again” he said as he passed Sol the money and the demon nodded as he pocketed it and walked out to find a hotel and sleep.

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