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    The Curse of the Cretan


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    The Curse of the Cretan Empty The Curse of the Cretan

    Post by Garlim on 14th June 2016, 11:55 pm

    Okay, now I’m definitely lost.

    The suit-clad man turned his head left and right several times as if trying to gauge his location. Sweat beaded down his brow, and his once buoyant hair clung to his scalp like moss to a rock – and it was equally as damp. His suit, once pristine in a deep blue colour, was stained with dirt and sand, a few rips beginning to form around the hem. If anybody had happened to see him here, they would have no doubt to his predicament.

    Okay, step one for getting un-lost – is un-lost even a word? Is lost even a word? Is word even a word? No, snap out of it Garlim! Step one – find landmarks in the area.

    Even as the thought formed in his head he could see the futility of it. Goaded on by some inner feeling for self-depreciation he looked around anyway, and confirmed what he knew was the case.

    Sand. Everywhere.

    He let out a sigh, his hand rising to wipe a small portion of the sweat from his brow. The day had started out so well – he had been wandering the streets of Hargeon when he heard a strange announcement from a nearby shop. Somebody, as if knowing that he was running out of money, was offering a job to any wizard that would take it. Well, Garlim had thought. I could be that any wizard.

    And so he had engaged the quest-giver in conversation and, after several assurances that payment would await him upon his return, he had embarked with haste. Now this was what being a wizard was about. He had to kill a monster found deep in the desert in some kind of revenge attack - a six foot tall cactus monster, if the man was to be believed. At this point, Garlim considered that this was probably an exaggeration – maybe he had encountered a particularly dangerous looking cactus and, upon being stung by it, assumed it was a monster.

    He had arrived at the Forgotten Desert in high spirits, confident that he could defeat anything that this monster could throw at him. That was until he got himself lost, of course. The man’s directions themselves had, admittedly, been a bit vague – a few miles into the desert, approaching from the south. What Garlim had failed to factor in, of course, was just how big the desert was. Six hours later and he was no closer to finding a cactus monster than finding a dragon.

    For a few moments, the Wizard considered surrender. With the sun high in the sky, he could find his way south again with relative ease, return to town and tell the man that he had failed, that he couldn’t find the monster. Or, of course, he could always lie. What would it hurt this man if a little falsehood entered his life? He sincerely doubted that, in the rare circumstance that the man happened to frequent the desert once more, he would encounter the monster – and even if he did, would he be able to flee and tell the tale this time?

    Just as the malicious thoughts began to seep through his brain, he felt a tremor in the sand. His mind turned blank instantly, his instincts kicking in thanks to his lightning-fast magic. His eyes flashed a bright yellow as his body dissolved into pure lightning, moving several feet to the side at an incredible pace – and just in time, too. Something had leapt out of the sand directly where he had been standing, and he shuddered at the thought at what would have happened to him if he hadn't moved. The figure slowed upon it’s landing, hitting the sand without so much as a molecule displacing below his feet – if he could call them feet.

    The Cactus Monster was here.

    Panic flooded Garlim’s dehydrated brain, but he didn’t let it control his actions – not yet, at least. His eyes scanned the creature before coming to a stop at a strange sight indeed. The Cactus, huge and green and terrifying, was wearing a name badge.

    Hello, my name is Cactus Cretan.

    Garlim was dumbstruck. A name badge on a monster? Who would even contemplate doing such a thing? Before he had time to consider who would be so feral as to name a monster like this, the Cactus Cretan attacked. It leapt with terrifying speeds, but Garlim was faster. Lightning flashed in his palm as he stepped sideways and, as the creature drew close, he thrust his flashing hand at the Cretan’s chest.

    Instantly he felt the satisfaction of his magic impacting a target, but it was overshadowed by the pain that racked his system. Several barbs from the cactus’ prickly body remained in his hand, and a strange sensation started to spread through his body – magic.

    ”Magic thorns, eh?” Garlim said with a grimace, He pulled the pricks from his hand and discarded them. His eyes remained locked upon the Cactus as he pulled his suit jacket off, letting it fall from his grasp and hit the ground with a muffled thud. He rolled his shoulders twice – this was going to get serious.

    At identical times the pair rushed forwards, both raising their fists. Garlim’s sparkled with magic energy, whilst the Cretan extended the thorns upon his knuckles. At the last second the Wizard dived to the side, sending the monster hurtling forwards as it continued its intended path. Garlim landed on one knee after a slight roll, but his hands were up instantly. A magic seal formed around his hand, sparkling a fluorescent yellow in the daylight. With a grunt the Wizard focused his power into the attack and, half a second later, released it.

    The wave of magic that flew forth crackled through the air as it hurtled towards the monster, its deadly intentions clear to anybody with a pair of ears. The Cactus Cretan looked up and, for a moment it looked like it would avoid the attack – but only for a moment. The strike hit the creature in the chest, sending it flying backwards where it hit the ground with a heavy thud. Most of the spines had fallen out and littered the ground around it, but the creature was still alive. Garlim walked over to it, hiding the fact that pain still weaved through his system and made it difficult to walk.

    His hand rose when he reached the creature and, for almost a whole second, he considered ending the Cretan’s life. Lightning even began to dance between his fingers but, just in time, he stopped the attack forming.

    ”Don’t let me catch you around here again,” he said, waving at the Monster to shoo. With a bit of luck the monster would stay out of the desert for the time-being – and, he would get paid. Without waiting for confirmation of the Cactus leaving, he turned on the spot and began to walk South.

    It was time for him to get paid.

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