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    Post by Itazura 12th June 2016, 3:10 pm

    "Thank you for coming to help" one of the nurses said to him as a greeting, he stayed silent and nodded, telling her to continue "Well you can need to entertain the children, or serve drinks and food and help out the people who have had their blood drawn. Oh can you please take that off? And your, uhm, weapons" she asked, he cocked his head confused about what she meant, until she gestured to his hooded t-shirt jacket. He let out a sight 'oh', before sliding off the jacket and dropped it on the ground, then he took the two sickles out from his black belt and dropped them on his jacket before walking away. Looking around he saw other mages that where helping out, most likely in a guild or something. He found himself at a table where some trays of food and drinks "Hey could you serve those" said somebody, who must be working there, he was preoccupied with something, so Ita guessed that's why he asked. He grabbed a tray and set it on top of his head, then held the other two that where on the table in each of his hands. He offered the beverages and snacks to the donors, some giggled at how he occasionally bowed to offer them a drink that was on the platter on his head. Soon the trays where empty, he set them back on the table he got them from, since he didn't currently have anything to do he started to hum a little bit and start to do a cartwheel, finishing this he appeared to catch attention of somebody, who then asked him his he could entertain the kids of some of the donors that came and brought their kids. He walked over to see the little kids, though some of them older, and away from the crowd, doing their own thing on their so called 'phones'. Well, at least, that's what Itazura heard they where. He pondered for a moment what he could do, but he has noticed that kids like animals. So the way his brain went, he morphed into a miniature horse. By doing this h caught some peoples attention, sort of freaking them out, but they calmed down a bit figuring he was just using his magic, he is a mage after all. But he know this was just his abilities as a yokai, being able to shapeshift in to so many different things, animals, humans, objects and even other kinds of yokai. The kids started to flood around him, petting him and wanting to climb on. He knelt down and let a couple of kids climb onto his back, then standing up, they grabbed his mane with their little hands and he started to trot around. Then before he knew it he broke of into a run, the kids screamed with delight, some of the other kids tried to chase after him. He then let the other kids climb on, taking turns, and the older children that where off using their technical devices. After a while he stopped, all of the kids laughing and goofing off without him, he wandered off and stole some of the food. Well more like a whole tray of it, eating all of it in basically one gulp. He noticed somebody start to faint, he would've went to catch him, if his most favorite scent didn't catch his sensitive nose. Walking over to where he dropped off his stuff, he placed his jacket on and his twin sickles back in their sheaths before running off towards the wonderful scent of what almost all yokai such as himself love. Alcohol.

    Word Count: 612

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