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    The Line of Sanity [Job | Solo]


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    The Line of Sanity [Job | Solo] Empty The Line of Sanity [Job | Solo]

    Post by Imai-chi 10th June 2016, 11:45 am

    People were bustling everywhere today; in the center of Hargeon Town, a large line was present, filled with thousands of families, plus their luggages. Laughter, cries, screams and blabbers were surrounding the atmosphere around the town as the line cut right through it, from the gate to Hargeon and all the way to the decks at the other side. The line was enormous, the greatest line that Imai had ever seen with his own eyes. Sweat dropped down his face as he spectated the nuisance from the, perhaps, millions of people, who were here for the same purpose as his; to get their passport to the rest of Earthland...

    “No way… I’ll never get my passport,” Imai spoke to himself; judging by the line’s length, it would most likely take hours, perhaps days, to get his passport. He couldn’t waste all that time on a line; that would freak him out and turn him crazy. Sei was holding tight on his back, pretty shy by the large groups of roaring people, all totally annoyed by the line and its length, plus the massive brawls of random people, who suddenly argued with each other over the most hilarious subjects. How was he going to get through the line, quicker than this?

    He could skim himself at the middle of the line after a moment, a couple minutes have passed away. Apparently, the line moved faster than he thought. Although, something was still an obstacle for his poor sanity; the loud noises that scared both him and poor, little Sei. Couldn’t people just shut up for a second? Nerves were visible on his forehead, indicating the amount of struggle that he had to go through, caused by these folks. “…” His teeth were grinding, his fists were clenched and he felt like about to black out in the middle of the line. Soemhow, this was even worse than the other jobs that he’d been through for now.

    The line seemed to move slowly now as he could skim the platform, where people could get their passports and tickets. A faint smile grew on his face, but he was so tired that he couldn’t hold it for much longer than a few seconds. “We’re almost there… Sei,” he spoke to his sleeping pet on his back, who definitely didn’t have a care in the world right now, “Man, this is driving me crazy… we’re so close.” Something happened to him, during the wait; his vision was slightly green, and his legs were tilting so much. He couldn’t hold his balance without standing in a very weird way, but people didn’t notice it as they were in the same situation as him.

    Finally, he appeared to reach the platform; tons of air rushed out of his mouth in a giant sigh of relief and happiness as he could finally say goodbye to the line. When his feet entered the platform, a rush travelled through his body like some kind of ecstasy, indicating that his struggle was finally over. Even Sei could feel the shake, and woke up in surprise, seeing that the wait didn’t take that long. When Imai finally reached the desk, he looked up and watched at the waiter with deep, tired eyes. The waiter could definitely see that he was tired; nonetheless was she not surprised, due to the countless people who were as tired as Imai when reaching her. All he could do now was to wait as the lady sealed his new passport to all of Earthland…

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