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    Care to show me around town? [Social | Open]


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    Care to show me around town? [Social | Open] Empty Care to show me around town? [Social | Open]

    Post by akashi 8th June 2016, 3:11 pm

    Ah, how nice had it been to get a little bit of rest after completing that last batch of jobs. However, even nicer than that was the feeling of having your jewel sac at least somewhat full, instead of being completely broke like a couple of weeks before that moment. -"Hah, the old chief sure was grateful. I mean, this last request paid off more than the rest of them combined!" -Vargas thought as he made his way back to... where, exactly?

    He had remembered that he should've at least try to contact the sailors that had (unknowingly) brought him to Fiore as a way of paying them back. He did not know whether he would be an illegal man there yet, given that he had taken part in requests from the civilians and had begun to work, legally of course. Given his initial status as a stow-away, he did not want any authorities behind his back, limiting his actions; thus, repaying what he owed should do the trick.

    With that in mind, he had taken a train to Hargeon... but as usual, he wasn't paying attention to where he went, and thus ended up in the wrong train. The white haired man, lost in thoughts and franctically checking the iLac to see if there was something new on his request board, had fallen into slumber in his seat, with the ticket on his hand so the revisor could pick it up without waking him up.

    Thus, when he wanted to realize, he was shaken a little by the man in charge of keeping the seats. However, it was to no avail. Given that the rides costed the same, the revisor, with his fourty years, fully grown beard and little to no hair, just gave up and took the ticket.

    When Vargas woke up, it was already almost 7 PM, with the train reaching the station. As the lacrima system communicated that they had arrived to the "Ace of Spades", the white haired man quirked an eyebrow at first, only to realize his mistake.

    "-Oh, god damn it..." -the Seig facepalmed, getting his belongings and out of the wagon. The first thing he did was asking whether there would be any trains leaving for Hargeon... and there weren't, not until the next day.

    Heck. Now, that was a problem.

    However, while someone else might've panicked at the thought of being in a completely new place, lost, and with nowhere to sleep, Vargas plainly shrugged and looked at the sky, repeating the same words as when he arrived to Fiore.
    -Heh... things always gotta be complicated! -he stated out loud, with a smirk painted on his lips. Thus, he took what little he had (his jewel pouch, because the rest was being worn by him) and exited the station.

    Walking across the streets, he took a few glances to the sides, eyeing the city. Well, that was a very different place when compared to the rest of towns he had been in. -Whoa, check it out! Is that a freakin' castle? -he couldn't help but to say out loud. Well, in the end he might've even been glad to have caught the wrong train.

    Now... what could Vargas do around the place to kill some time? And where should he sleep? With those questions in mind, the male just let his feet carry him wherever they pleased... without paying any attention if anything was in front of him: the Seig was too busy examining the area.


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