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    Solitude in the Night (Famine/PM for invite)


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    Solitude in the Night (Famine/PM for invite)

    Post by Sol on Sun 5 Jun 2016 - 22:31

    It was the dead of night in Baslisk fang as one member was still up and about despite most of the other members turning in for the night, Sol was standing in front of one of the large Magic reinforced windows in the guild watching the constant storm rage outside.The slayer was not dressed in his formal wear but in a simple pair of silky black Pajama pants and a cup of coffee on the windowsill.despite the slayer having a warm comfy bed waiting for him at his castle he found he could not sleep and so used his transportation mirror to go to the guild hall.”so much is happening so fast I’m not sure what to do” he mumbled as he took a drink of coffee.

    The man had to deal with the fact that both Jade and Ahote saw him as a father and he was unsure how to feel about that, he had severed ties with most of his family as they had not accepted his way of life but he was unsure how he would be as a father  since he was a fearsome demon and a dragonslayer. he had commited murder without any remorse and was more then willing to use innocent people as test subjects but the prospect of raising someone and giving them guidance filled him with some doubt and worry.

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