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    Found nemo


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    Found nemo Empty Found nemo

    Post by Duckley on 3rd June 2016, 8:32 am

    Ganch was grumpier than ever, he couldn't belive it, He'd done excactly what he'd been told to do , he'd told their kid about the missing goldfish AAAAAND he'd stopped her crying, but they still felt the need to not pay him, apparently it ''hadn't been part of the job'' or something like that. But it was complete bullshit either way. who puts up a job notice without a payment??? no wonder no one else had picked that one, it wasn't really that big of a deal really, it was just that when he was shitting on his reputation even more he at least wanted something in return, those snobs hadn't even thanked him afterwards. they just waved him away after he'd done the parenting work for them, he would most defenitely be holding his fingers for them to put up another job, so he could take it and deliver his righteous revenge. But for now he needed to get some grub, he was hungry but luckily he wasn't completely broke, He still had some cash left over from yesterdays highjinx over in Era now it wasn't enough for alot, and he would most defenitely have to get a new job tomorrow and hopefully that job would you know... actually have a reward.

    But as he made his way towards the centre of the town, he noticed that something was going on, People were running away from the river screaming their lungs out. Maybe im not that unlucky after all.. he thought as he took a litle detour from his trip to get food. If people were running because of a giant baby he would literally shoot himself, no finally he would get his chance to shine. Not that it would matter anyways, all the times he actually did something impressive were always forgotten. But there was no need to be down about this, if he wouldn't be getting paid he would at least be having some fun, and that was well needed right now.

    Ganch floated above the running screaming crowds and ended up down by the river in notime, but to his dissapointment, there was nothing there, just a bunch of town guards looking down at the water. Ganch who naturaly had no idea what the hell was going on, floated his way up to one of the guards and asked. ''Hey man, why is everyone running away???? I don't see anything run worthy'' The guard looked back and was about to answer but he didn't get much said as almost to answer Ganches question a red beam shot out from the water, and hit the guard ganch had been talking to right trough the shoulder He let out a loud scream and fell to the ground as he held his hand over the wound.

    Ganch smiled and looked over at the water, only to see.... a goldfish... a giant lazer shooting goldfish. Was this a coincidence or had the girl really lost her mutant monster goldfish??? If that was the case then it would've explained why the parents didn't pay him... They must've been broke from feeding this thing entire cows every other day. Before Ganch could finnish however the this launched a... fire breathing attack. The irony of a fish using fire attacks was so strong that Ganch couldn't fully dodge in time and his cape was caught in the stream and was engulfed in flames. With a graceful arc, he flew straight into the water,and let the fire fizzle out, This was going to be an interessting fight for sure.

    As the fish charged forwards to attack ganch with a super sharp death bite. He responded by infusing the air in the water around him with energy and casting his go to defensive spell, Razor barrier. Now it was hard enough casting that spell normaly but underwater it was even harder. Not only did he have to focus on regulating his breathing but he had to really focus to get the air to work with him here. The Fish didn't seem to care about the shield and just rammed straight into it causing it to reel back in pain from the impact, ganch grinned at the fish as blood started leaking from it's forehead. Sadly his barrier wasn't going to be able to block any further attacks, so maybe going above water would be a better idea. with maximum haste he started flying up from the water, but the fish was better at swimming than he was at flying. At least underwater With complete disregard for the damaging barrier the massive fish took the hit, and bit a hold of ganches leg. dragging him back down into the water. The blood of both him and the fish mixed, as they were dragged deeper into the depths. Now ganches leg was being gnawed off and he had to do something about it but this fish was also taking the continous onslaught of his razor barrier, cutting it's scales apart. But even tough the fish was being hurt, ganch was still on the loosing side of this, he had to get this fish to let go or else he would be without. With a hindered hand motion, he dispelled the barrier around him, causing a rippling shockwave trough the water as the fish winced back and let go of his leg. Ganch sighed with relief as he felt the cold teeth leaving his leg, He had to get up now, or he would stay down there forever.

    With another hand motion he cast his spell, Air bullet, and created a fast moving pure green projectile before sending it straight at the eye of the fish. A clean hit, The fish roared out, in the most adorably bubbling way possible as it was blinded on one eye. Ganch took this chance to get the hell out of there while the fish was still dealing with the implications of having to wear an eyepatch for the rest of his life.

    With a tired and triumphant splash, Ganch skyrocketed straight out of the water and took a deep breath of the sweet sweet air. He looked down into the depths below and shook his head while adjusting to breathing above water again, But then suddenly another red coloured beam appeared out of the water and wizzed right past his face, as it burnt his cheek. God dammnit that hurt.. he had to make sure not to get hit by one of those again. cause if getting grazed by it was that bad, then he couldn't imagine a full on hit.

    He looked down towards the water and to anticipate another instance of lazer but instead he saw the huge golden body moving up towards him. He was tempted to fire another Wind bullet but he had to save some of his magic power, He was already getting pretty exhausted and that was just from two spells alone. No he started flying upwatds into the sky, and as soon as the fish blasted trough the water. He dropped down towards it with one foot before the other, and with a glorious POW he kicked it right in the face causing it to fall back down into the water.

    But not before trading it out with Ganch via another fire breath attack. Once again. Ganch had to dip himself into the water to avoid death trough fire. And just like the last time the fish came in strong with another bite attack. Only this time Ganch was prepared. With another fleeting bit of energy he responded to the huge gaping goldfish maw by diving straight into it's mouth. With a loud clang, the goldfishes teeth clapped together, and Ganch was now inside of the fishes rather large mouth. But he wasn't planning to stay. With a verdant orb created behind him. He detonated it, sending him flying, fist first towards the many rows of fish teeth, The sudden force from inside the fish, caused it's mouth to be forced open and it was dazed from all the inner pressure. Ganch went to return to land but not before giving the beast a goodbye kick straight to it's still functioning eye. Now the kick was not enough to blind the fish permanently but the brief time that it couldn't see Ganch went back above water yet again. This is where he would end this thing.

    With his last bit of magical energy, he coated both of his fists in Freen orbs of rapidly spinning wind. This was it. Just as the fish was about to do it's standard leap once again. Ganch lowered himself a bit, so that the fish would fly right over him, and it did, that is when he flew right towards the bottom of the fish. and jammed his razor fists straight into the ''throat'' of the fish, causing it to spray everywhere, It was a gory scene and Ganch was being weakened by the minute Thankfully he wouldn't need another minute, As the fish and Ganch both fell down into the water, The fish was already gutted and it's intestenes were flooding out into the water around him.

    With his last bit of energy he started floating up towards land, Barely concious and covered in fish guts, he crawled uo onto the floor. And the guards quickly rushed to his help. As he sat there on the beach, shaking, with a badly burnt cheek, charred clothes, and a half chewed of leg. He could only think one thing. There were only TWO words that could even come close to entering his mind as he sat there.

    ''Fuck yeah...''

    Ganch used, Verdant orb, razor barrier, wind bullet, and razor orb?? putting his remaining Magic power at 50%

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