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    Finding nemo


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    Finding nemo Empty Finding nemo

    Post by Duckley on 3rd June 2016, 6:07 am

    He'd been lying to himself all this time, he'd made false promises to himself just so that his situation would seem less shitty and less impossible to get out of, He'd dug the grave of his career with all of these trivial child related jobs. He was so sure that he would be able to get himself a better repitation by doing some serious work, but it was already too late, He couldn't get any real jobs for the life of him, and to not starve he had to do jobs but the only jobs he could get were jobs that dug him even deeper down into the rabbit hole. So as he stood there looking at his client, he could feel nothing,the excitement and enthusiasm that he used to have for these jobs was completely gone, Before this he'd done it all on the grounds of it being a stepping stone towards greater and better things but at this point it was nothing but a chore, completely unenjoyable but obligatory nonetheless.

    This job in particular was particularly dignity draining, at least the other ones he'd done had served a real purpouse, he'd helped the kids in their educations, protected them from harm, heck he'd even bettered one of their life situations by scaring some bully. But this one just felt utterly pointless... His job was to prevent a little girl from crying. Whatever at least it would be quick. A loud crying sound was heard from inside the house and he got off of the grass and got up into the air, waiting for the girl to come out, so that he could get going with some high quality counceling. If this mage stuff didn't work out (Like it wasn't) he could prolly become a dope kindergarden teacher.

    As the small girl came out the door balling her eyes out, ganch pulled the pedo dash on her and floated his way infront of her, asking ''Hey man what's wrong ??'' he had no intentions of looking like a child molester but he sure did a good job of doing the exact oposite. The girl didn't mind however since she was already as sad as she could be ''M-m-m-my goldfish is gone*sniff*'' she said trough her sniffling and crying as Ganch looked down at her from his heightened position. Ganch scratched his head as he thought of a response, he wasn't one to plan things out and he had no idea what to say. ''Your goldfish huh... '' he said while scratching his chin, then he looked down at her and asked. ''Was it just completely gone??'' The girl who was still sniffling and crying nodded at his question. That is when ganch pretended to look suprised and said. ''Oh then i know where he is!!!! He has joined the rest of the goldfish in the great golden river'' The girl stopped crying after he said this and let out a quiet sniffleing ''Golden r-r-river??'' Ganch nodded and whipped some air around to create the effect of a tiny green lightshow before speaking up. ''Yeah, it is where all goldfish go when they have reached a certain age. Don't worry about your goldfish, there is plenty of fishfood and other goldfish in there for him to play with, so you can stop searching for him'' the girl seemed to take this as a sufficent answer, i mean he could do some green wizard stuff after all, he had to be right. She nodded, and wiped the snot from below his nose, before going back inside her house to do whatever things sixyearold girls do.

    Ganch sighed and put his hands in his pockets before floating away, Yet another job done, at the cost of his dignity.

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