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    Back to basics


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    Back to basics Empty Back to basics

    Post by Duckley 2nd June 2016, 12:58 am

    Back in magnolia again huh Ganch thought as he floated down the familiar road leading into the town that he'd spent so much time in... It was weird usualy he would feel thrilled about getting to go back to magnolia he would be excited to visit all his favourite places, meet his favourite people. But now it just kinda felt strange... He couldn't recall when but somewhere down the line he'd fucked up. And he'd fucked up bad. Before all of this mage business he was a reasonably wealthy normal exploring delivery boy that liked his job. But as most people were, he was allured by the glamour of being a mage, Think being able to explore as much as you want and get PAID for it. He'd quit his job and started using the few spells he knew to get work, And the least he could say is that... the expectations outshined reality. He'd expected to be a legendary dragonslaying badass at this point but NOPE instead he was the baby sitting dork known all over fiore as the spiked fluttering dorkfly.

    Why did this happen to him??? He wanted to take greater more exciting jobs but it turns out that he couldn't. Either they were all taken by stronger mages, or he was way to weak for them. But how did people expect for him to get stronger when the only work he got was related to baby sitting, or wine tasting. At least it paid the bills, but sometimes he wondered how other mages could do it.. Were they just stronger as a baseline?? or were guilds really that important. He shuddered as he thought that word... guild. That was in the past so there was noo need to bring it up.. he thought as he passed trough the town gates.

    He brougth in the oh so familiar air as he looked around the town, there was one thing that wasn't however. Parked in the middle of the street was the local mail truck. Ganch shook his head as he floated up towards the mailtruck, He'd always said that mailtrucks would be nothing but trouble and expenses, and it turns out that he'd been right, at least about this truck. As h floated up to see what was going on, he saw some mailman he'd never seen before desperately talking into his ilac while stomping his feet. GAnch looked at all the undelivered mail. He knew he had to stop doing these kinda jobs if he ever wanted to be anyone, but the nostaliga of delivering letters was too tempting. The post office was broke so he would probably not get paid. Heck they barely paid him while he was an employee, but for once this wasn't about the money, this was about getting the job done for his old pals over at the post office. He grabbed the bag full of letters from the van and gave a thumbs up, to the rookie mailman before he went ham.

    At full flying speed, with his tailwind activated he floated.. no flew down the street at top speeds, flinging mail into boxes, doing flips over the street to place packages, He had forgotten how freaking fun his job had really been. And that resulted in forgetting time. What had been a chore of 25 letters quickly turned to, 20, 15, 10.. as he soared down the streets checking adresses almost subconciously. It felt great, and for the first time in a while he was having fun.

    So much so, that when he only had one letter left, he almost felt reluctant to put it in the mailbox. With one last *clunk* and a flick of the flag. Ganch returned to the postal truck with an empty bag, and it had only taken five minuites... Now Ganch might not know much about magic, or doing jobs, but what he did know about was mail, and this had been his time to shine.

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