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    Step that baaaabeeh


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    Step that baaaabeeh Empty Step that baaaabeeh

    Post by Duckley 2nd June 2016, 12:28 am

    Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, this was the word that occupied the entirety of ganches mind as he sat there in a strangers couch looking down at yet another crying baby. What had gone wrong?? why was he doing this?? well... that he could explain. You see Aviantus Ganch, or as most people knew him nowadays, the spide fluttering dorkfly had gone to get his passport this week, and as excited as ever he went towards the earthlands as soon as he got the ''explorers lisence''
    Too bad that he had to get his ass kicked.. He looked down at his bandadged broken arm and sighed.

    He was still stuck here, the second he left the safety of lyore he encountered a couple of bandits trying to rob a merchants wagon, As the wannabe superhero he was he engaged the bandits with spells in hand... But he stood no chance, so he ended up having to float himself away with his hands in his pockets, and his shame stocked away deep inside. Usually Ganch liked fighting even if he lost but that had not been a fight. He'd just been demolished in an instant. And now he'd gotten his coup de grace, here he was. Back in Hargeon babysitting once again..

    Now while the whole situation had been rather comical and Ganch would probably laugh at it if not due to the fact that he was pretty damn pissed at everything. He'd been so excited to explore, but apparently he wasn't strong enough or something, and now he would have to stay in town until this fucking arm fixed itself and that meant...

    The baby that was crawling along the floor started pulling his pant leg and drooling on the ground. ... Alot more of this. He gave the baby a forced smile and stood up, He wanted to rub his hands but he'd tried that before and it hurt so much that it wasn't worth it, even tough it felt great. As much as he didn't like what dealing with these kids did to his, reputation and phsyce he still had to pull trough, he'd accepted this job after all, it wasn't like anyone was forcing him too..... Exceeept for his debt holders over in rose gardens. They were forcing him to.... At least he didn't have to put it to sleep. No he had to teach this thing how to walk. Wich was easier said than done, since he probably needed some walking lessons himself.

    After looking at the baby doing babystuff and thinking about how the hell this would work, he finally got it. He started by initiating a light float for himself, where his upperbody pointed downwards. He grabbed the baby by it's hands, but instead of letting the baby walk with him following, he did the opposite, by flying slowly forwards he forced the baby to walk, unless it fell over where he would just pull it up by it's arms. Ganch had no ideas how babies, let alone people walked so he had to do this his way, and his way was the piss way. He kept going on for a couple of hours but the baby just kept crying and falling over, He almost felt like he was torturing the poor thing. Then suddenly as he floated there trying to reconsider his teaching method, the door creaked open..... oh no.. He had failed.. With a mix of shame and relief he let go of the crying baby and got ready to apologize.

    ''Im very sorry to say this sir but i couldn't tea...'' Was he halucinating, or had the baby just waddled it's way over to it's mother all on it's own???.. The husband laughed and smiled at his child before picking it up. ''Great job mage, now what was it you couldn't do??'' At first he just stood there looking wide eyed at the baby but then he looked up and smiled at the father.

    ''Nothing sir''

    well.... nothing was an overstatement..

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