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    Lisenced to explore


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    Lisenced to explore Empty Lisenced to explore

    Post by Duckley June 1st 2016, 3:15 pm

    The sun shined bright but Ganches grin shined brighter as the people flooded the docks of Haregon town like rats. The area was usualy pretty crowded but he'd never seen it like this before but the reason that there were so many people was defenitely a good one. Today was the day, that so many people, had been waiting for, today was the day that Ganch had been waiting for. Today was the day where all of his hard efforts as the local choreboy were going to pay off. Today was the day where he left the title of spiked pale fluttering dorkgly behind and became a True explorer.

    Ganch was an easily exciteable person, he was very enthusisastic about life in general, but the excitement he was feeling right now was like no other. It was like his first supereastercrhistmasgraduationbirthday and it felt great. Besides from the fact that he was pretty sure his heart was trying to escape from his troath that is. He floated there along all the people in the line, as he played around with is iLac a little bit, It had been a bother to get and he couldn't honestly say that it was worth it, but hey it was free at least. He tried to distract himself from the long wait buy bleeping around on the aparatus but it was like trying to distract a pyromaniac from a forestfire by lighting a match. It wasn't nearly enough. And the line was only getting longer and longer.

    How that applied to him when he was standing in the middle of it he didn't know but what he did know however was that this line was a waste of time. He'd worked for this lisence and he wanted it now, Some people say that they appreciate waiting for something good, but it made absolutely no sense to ganch... Why would you want to wait for something good?? If it's good you want it right? so why would you want less good for longer??

    With a smug grin and a tight grip around his jewells (yes both pairs of them) He started flying up above the crowd and just started skipping the line by taking the bird path, and going straight above it. People didn't notice at first, but when they did they started to get pissed. Multiple Booooos and '''get the fuck back you line skipping shit'''s were launched at him, but he simply didn't care, all he wanted was that sweet sweet passport, that key to true freedom his explorers lisence. As he swooped out there above the floods of people he felt like he was stepping up the graduation steps. He was done with the elementary shit now and it was time for the real world. Heck it was kinda uncanny how similar it was to his graduation they even threw the right brand of shoes at him.

    A few of the projectiles hit him, but he just kept on floating. And once he was there by the podium, he landed infront of the pass distributors completely cutting the guy first in line off. As he said ''Hello I Aviantus Ganch would like to purchase a motherfucking passport'' The man behind the sloppy counter chuckled at the enthusiasm as he accepted the jewels and handed him the sacred passport.

    He couldn't belive it at first.. he knew it was just a passport but it felt like so much more, this wasn't just some piece of paper, hell this wasn't even an explorers lisence.. no. this was the start of a new ERA''AAAACK'' He let out as someone hit him in the back of the head with an apple. And just as the angry linegoers stared to flood him. He flew out over the water while gloriously flipping them all off and reaching out his tounge

    Anyways.. A neeew eraaaa

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