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    She used to call me on my Ce..Ilaac


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    She used to call me on my Ce..Ilaac Empty She used to call me on my Ce..Ilaac

    Post by Duckley on 1st June 2016, 12:38 pm

    The loud disgusting sound of a tortured man could be heard all around the back rows of the train to the neutral grounds. Now the place where the sounds originated from was a fabled room known as ''the toilet'' And they consisted mostly of Urrks and Gawks as the ''tortured man'' Threw up, in the pristeen white toilet bowl.

    Ganch made eye contact with the toilet water as he splurted out another round of pure stomach acid. into the porcelain throne. When he had delayed getting his passport to go snatch himself one of those fancy Ilacs he had no idea that he would have to go trough figurative hell to get it.
    It was moments like this that made Ganch want to start walking, but then again, this was pretty much the only ''moment like this'' that he'd ever experienced so he couldn't really complain. The short story of Ganches condition was that he had the inate ability to fly. Ever since he was a kid he has been able to fly, he had no idea why but it was something he did. And he did this way too much. Due to the comfort and sheer awesomeness of flying Ganch pretty much never walked, during his entire life, He had no need to. Flying was just so much cooler. Plus at this point he could barely walk even if he wanted too. He was so unused to moving his feet along the ground that as soon as he sat foot on the ground he suffered immense nausea.

    He'd stepped onto the train to the Neutral Grounds thinking it was called that due to the weather or political status or some stupid shit, but half way trough the ride when he was floating his way over to the cafeteria to get some food. His ablility to fly had vanished. At first he panicked but the staff assured him that this was normal, and that magic didn't work in the neutral grounds. This caused him to panick even more as he realised that he'd just trapped himself in nausea hell for the next couple of hours.

    The train stopped and he gag relfexed a last time, before falling trough the bathroom door and stumbling out onto the train. He bumped into person after person as he made it out of the traincart where he instantly faceplanted the ground, due to his horrible balance. At first he'd planned to stay for a while, see the sights and maybe even stay for a couple of days. But that idea seemed quite absurd now when he literally had to struggle to walk, across the street.

    ''where is that fucking ilac factory'' he mumbled to himself as he crawled himself out of the train station. Some rude fella who felt the need to listen to HIS PRIVATE DISGRUNTLED MUMBLING looked down at the previously proud worm man, and smiled. ''Oh it's just around the corner, im on my way there to, you can follow me if you want'' Ganch was about to tell whoever it was off, But then he turned around and complied instantly when he saw the person who was eaves dropping. A baaaangin black haired girl, a little young, but defenitely around GAnches age. He gave her the smile of someone trying to fake sobriety before crawling after her. He knew that he had no chance of picking anyone up under these conditions, but the view he got from behind, was motivating enough for him, to keep worming, and stumbling his way towards the factory

    What would've otherwise felt like an eternity was shortened down significantly by the beautiful works of art, that rubbed against eachother infront of him. Now he was pretty damn shameless about it and she had clearly noticed it, but he didn't care at this point. There was no way he would ever meet this girl again anyways.. Right?? After getting trampled by crowds for about an hour he finally made it up to the distributing people.

    ''Uhh. can i get an ilac'' The person at the desk just kinda gave him a shocked look, before throwing an ilac at his limp body. ''Here man it's on the house.... Do i know you?? he said while looking down at the tired Ganch. Who just looked up, His motivator was long gone at this point and he just wanted to get out of nausea hell as soon as possible. As gave the distributor a pale sickly look, the guy behind the desks eyes widened. ''NO WAY DUDE!!! IT'S TOTALLY HIM!!'' he shouted while looking over at his co-worker

    Ganch let out a half as smile as he looked up at what he presumed to be his first fans. Perhaps they had heard of the whole jacobgoodnight incident? But his pride was crushed immediately as he heard what they said next. ''YEAH MAN I DIDN'T BELIVE IT AT FIRST BUT IT'S TOTALLY THE SPIKED FLUTTERING DORKFLY'' Oh noo... ''AAAH DUDE COME YOU GOTTA TAKE SOME PICTURES WITH US!!'' He shouted before grabbing Ganches practically limp body and using him as a prop for their lilac pictures.

    Never before had Ganch genuinely wanted to kill someone.... oh well at least he got his ilac

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