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    Demonic Rampage of the Savage Beast

    Daemon Spade
    Daemon Spade

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    Public Demonic Rampage of the Savage Beast

    Post by Daemon Spade on 31st May 2016, 11:54 pm

    ( Anyone who wants to watch a Hanyou rampage through building and people feel free to post no that in this state Daemon will not hold back his physical strength I will write actuall dialogue after I wake up in the morning)

    Daemon grasped the alley wall next to as his blood began to boil violently as a blood red moon shined brightly in the night sky bath Clover town in a radiant crimson light. Daemon had originally traveled to Clover town to gather his monthly supply of pocky and acquire any new information from the guild master hall; yet unbeknownst to everyone except for the young guild master in question the seal that allowed him to tap into his demonic powers safely was rapidly fading away causing both physical and mental damage to the young mage.

    As the last bastions of the seal gave way his demonic blood rapidly rose the surface causing Daemon to exude a cloud of miasma from his mouth causing the ground around him to melt into a congealed slop. Daemon's body under went sever altercations as his already sharpened nails grew to be the length of stilettos ( I mean the knife not the shoe , his eyes changed from yellow to a piercing sapphire while his hair grew long and shifted to a thick sheen of obsidian black the skin over his stomach and lower rib cage peeled away reveling how hollow he physically was as a demon. The only thing that remained of his internal organs in this form was his heart which while visible was still protected by his chest cavity.

    With a deep roar Daemon shouted to the heavens letting anyone within the town to hear his agonizing cry.


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