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    Chrono's First Mission: Blood Drive


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    Chrono's First Mission: Blood Drive Empty Chrono's First Mission: Blood Drive

    Post by Chrono 26th May 2016, 1:32 pm

    Job Details:

    Rose Garden. Chrono had never been to a place like this before, but it sure was a sight to see; both for wizards of any race and humans alike. Magic was everywhere, even with inanimate objects. Those from other countries would also come here to show-off their magic and distinct cultures to Fiore, letting everyone see the diversity of this supernatural power across the world. Unfortunately, Chrono was not here for such celebrations or displays. Instead, he was here to participate in the "Blood Drive" a note on a job post described. Specifically for legal wizards, this would be a job just for surveillance; in this case, to assure the well-being of all involved in this "Blood Drive." To have legal wizards involved, on the other hand, obviously meant possible disruptions that a normal human perhaps could not stop.  To start this task, Chrono had to find the person running it. The silly fellow left his name absent on the note, believe it or not.

    "Hello? Is it you I'm looking for?" Chrono asked upon meeting a man before the main gates to the fundraiser. The man nodded, luckily, giving the sand king some hope. "Follow me." The leader of the Blood Drive requested, escorting Chrono to the proper area in which he would most likely serve the people mentioned on the note. Once the two arrived, the man departed, leaving Chrono with a crowd of excited children. From what Chrono could gather, these children were very welcoming- either that, or they needed a new form of entertainment. While the children appeared extremely happy, there was a younger one in the very back, frowning. Chrono sighed and grinned, in response. He could tell this little kid felt left out- out of the picture, if you will. Chrono gently moved through the crowd so he could stand right in front of this child, though to his surprise, the child was much younger than the others; a toddler. "Fun-draiser." Chrono pronounced cleverly to the boy, "What kind of fun are you thinking about today, kiddo?" The toddler smiled, reached into his pocket, and revealed two puppets. In this very instance, the other children gasped as if they had just seen something rare, and became even more excited in reply to this. Of course, entertaining these children was not all Chrono was given to help with for the fundraiser, thus he had to get through this quickly.

    The puppet show began. Hidden under a table, with a set-up like a mini play, Chrono held out the two puppets; a knight and a dragon. "Slay the dragon! Slay the dragon!" The children shouted at the top of their lungs. These loud noises drew the attention of other patients, who escorted themselves into seats nearby. This led Chrono to beginning the puppet show. "Children, I shall protect you from this hideous dragon!" Chrono announced via the knight puppet. The children roared in excitement, though this made Chrono realise he would have to act in an even deeper voice to speak for the dragon - such a bother, indeed. "Foolish knight, you do not stand a chance." Chrono motioned the dragon puppet to kick the knight back, then enacted noises of pain on the knight's part. The kids were frightened, cheering for the knight to get back up. Man, was this unbelievable! "Alright dragon, you had your turn, but now it's mine!" Chrono motioned the knight this time to jump high in the air, then descend with his sword, faking a slash through the tall dragon. Chrono followed with the dragon falling onto its back, never to get back up again. "Is the dragon dead?" The toddler asked. Two other children placed a hand each on the toddler's shoulders, then said "You bet!" The toddler smiled, then walked behind the table, and popped his head over above it. "And with this, the dragon was slain, never to cause the knight...or the town..any trouble again!" The children cheered again, giving the surprisingly intelligent toddler some gratitude with high-fives.

    "Time for drinks and food!" Chrono announced. Meat of all sorts, and soda of all kinds were set on all tables, along with paper plates, plastic cups, and plastic cutlery. Patients who had their blood drawn were just beginning to make their way into the lounge, meaning Chrono had to seat them, as well. "Thank you!" The patients replied. Some almost fell over along the way, but Chrono was ready as the note entailed to catch them. "You missed the puppet show..." Chrono mentioned, "But I'm sure your friends will tell you all about it." In this moment, people with hats, hoods and dark grins attempted to enter the establishment. "Are you mad?!" Chrono responded, a heap of sand knocking each of these worthless criminals out, "Don't come back ever again! These children need entertainment, not danger!" The children laughed, praising Chrono from protecting them too. From the looks of things, Chrono could tell he was going to be here a while, though on the bright side, everything the job said was cleared, meaning the wizard was bound to get that note of gratitude from the Magic Council. "Everyone happy?" Chrono assured. Thumbs were raised up in the air as mouths were occupied with food and drinks. This helped Chrono add some extra bandages and first-aid to those who needed it. It seemed the male was with a good bunch.

    And with that, the tale of Chrono's first task administrated from the Magic Council concludes.

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