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    Talkua's Harbingers


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    Talkua's Harbingers

    Post by Meijiko on 24th May 2016, 7:26 pm

    Name: Talkua's Harbingers
    Rank: Strong
    Type: Dual Katanas
    Description: These katanas are a little lighter than traditional katanas. This is because they're crafted from a special alloy containing galvanized steel and the essence of a wind lacrima. The smaller of the two swords is about 80 cm long, while the longer one is 110 cm (these measurements include the length of the hilt). They have the appearance of regular katanas. However, their maker has infused them with magic energy meant to enhance the user of the weapons. This energy is invisible, but has a clear effect on the user.

    • Passively increases the physical abilities of the user by 15% as long as the swords are being wielded
    • Vary in length, allowing difference between combat reach


    • Does not contain any abilities that deal ranged damage
    • The smaller sword does not have a very far reach
    • Attempts to block any type of lightning attack will not decrease any damage dealt


    Name: Kazashi
    Rank: D
    Duration: 3 posts
    Cooldown: 4 posts
    Description: The magic infused with the swords can be transferred over to the wielder. By allowing wind magic to infiltrate the wielder's body, the wielder can move considerably faster, moving and reacting 1.5 times faster than normal. This move makes the swords swing faster, and therefore, carry out more damage. Physical attacks from Talkua's Harbingers increase by 50%, but do not affect the damage of any other attacks. To activate this ability, the wielder must have both hands on the swords, then verbally say "Kazashi." This spell is currently at D rank. When this spell is upgraded to C rank, then the duration and cooldown will increase by 1 each. The actual effect of the spell will increase by a fixed 10% of the base value (Ex: D-rank speed and damage increase 50%. C-rank speed and damage increase 50% + 5%= 55%. B-rank speed and damage increase 50% + 5% + 5%= 60%)


    • Speed increased by 50%
    • Attack damage increased by 50%


    • Does not increase damage of non-weapon attacks
    • To activate, both swords must be in contact with the user's skin
    • Does not increase block effectiveness of the swords
    • Requires the wielder to verbally say the activation word


    Name: Uindoshirudo
    Rank: D
    Duration: 3 posts
    Cooldown: 4 posts
    Description: The wind magic residing in Talkua's Harbingers may also be transferred to the user with a different word: "Uindoshirudo." When this word is used, instead of transferring into the wielder's body, this spell causes the wind magic to coat the outside of the wielder's body and form a sort of attack reflector. This coating, when stricken with a physical attack, will only deal 80% of the attack's damage to the wielder. The other 20% goes back to the attacker, damaging them. This ability also keeps the wielder from flinching, even if they take substantial damage. If they are still conscious, they will not flinch from physical pain. This spell becomes half as effective on opponents of one higher rank than the wielder, and 1/4 effective against opponents of 2 higher ranks (Ex: D-rank vs D-rank= 80%-20% distribution. D-rank vs C-rank= 90%-10% distribution. D-rank vs B-rank= 95%-5% distribution.). This spell does not redistribute damage against opponents of 3 or more ranks higher. This spell's distribution between dealt damage and returned damage becomes more effective by a fixed 6% increase on returned damage for each upgrade (Ex: D-rank= 80%-20% distribution. C-rank= 74%-26% distribution. B-rank= 68%-32% distribution.).


    • Keeps wielder from flinching from pain
    • Reflects a fraction of damage back to the attacker


    • Becomes less effective against higher ranked enemies
    • Does not return or reflect damage from non-physical attacks
    • Requires the wielder to verbally say the activation word

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    Re: Talkua's Harbingers

    Post by Anastasia Isayev on 19th June 2016, 11:20 am

    Howdy, The mean mod here.
    Before I continue with grading, I need proof of purchase of this strong weapon.

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