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    Shine Like the Moon! (Isaac/Aoi)

    Ezra Aurence

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    Shine Like the Moon! (Isaac/Aoi)

    Post by Ezra Aurence on 21st May 2016, 12:15 pm


    It was here, at the foot of Phoenix Mountains, and at the coast of the Graveyard Sea, that a Haunted Village would rest calmly, an contently. It was quite the eerie name for a village, and having it at the may of an even more alarming sea doesn't make it any better, in fact, one may become weary of the area just from it's old titles. They are not to be blamed, it was a strangely named area with even stranger people. But the names do were not given without reasons.

    One may ask why Isaac, a Rune Knight working his way up in the ranks, would be here in the middle of nowhere at the feet of potentially treacherous mountain ranges and daring seas that no man would best swim in. One may ask why this brown haired and golden eyed man of many morals would set foot in such a peculiar place. Out of curiosity? No. Out of spite? Well, no. The answer was more dignified and simple than for the sake of wandering about these areas.

    It was for the simple reason by request of Magic Council that he venture here today. Though essentially receiving this request via mail, the instructions and description were simple and only mildly emphasized on the issue, though thoroughly explaining what the issue was, if that made any sense.

    According to said letter, it would explain on how these particular townsfolk had the unique ability to shift into Lycan, otherwise known as werewolves by will. Which, at first didn't seem so much as if a problem if this happens so often and nothing happens. But that was not what enticed him to accept such an offer to come on this journey, but the expanding details on how it explained how bloodthirsty said townsfolk became on this very night.

    Isaac was not surprised by such news, Fiore was a region of diverse species and peoples, and has seen things undeniably odder than this. Well, so he thinks. He is only going by what the letter would say, and though never seeing a werewolf or anything similar to a Lycan before, he would think it would not be as frighteningly horrific as one would say it was.

    But as the thought would float in his mind for a while, he began to try to visualize such a sight. A beast of an average 6.5 to 8 feet in height when standing straight on it's rough paws, but often have a hunch or slouch which varies from slight to dramatic.  A probable large percentage of muscle mass compared to human counterparts; and would weigh more than a similarly-sized human would.  A facial structure that is seemingly always that of a wolf, with a defined muzzle and no human-like features, but terrifying and a disturbingly large amount of hostility on it's expression. Unusually colored eyes that no average human should have, bat-like ears, and everything in between, but are always upright unless structurally compromised.  Functional paw-hands with opposable thumbs. Allegedly good for gripping, bad for dexterous work. - Or this is what comes into mind, for the aged man.

    Shunning the descriptive visual away from his distracted mind, he neared the village and would supposedly arrive in a few minutes of paced power walking. "Why do I get the feeling that perhaps this was not my best choice of work?" He would speak softly to himself, an upsetting chill residing in the thin air greeting as he approached the scene. In the near distance, seeking the village.

    The two characters could meet at the village. (WC, 592)



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    Re: Shine Like the Moon! (Isaac/Aoi)

    Post by Aoi on 22nd May 2016, 9:58 am

    "Even a keeper of death can look good doing it."

    A loud groaning sound would accompany a stretch of her body. Following a sigh, Aoi would stir under her sheets before she'd manage to wake herself up enough to pop her head up. Her blanket would drape off of her naked form and she'd rub her eyes with her hands to wipe away the sleepiness and a quick shaking of her head. "Gah.. shit. I really did oversleep... Meh, whatever." She'd grip the blanket up and fling it away from her body, exposing the colder air around her to shiver for a moment. A grumbling noise would come out of the blind girls mouth as she fumbled around her room with ease. Walking in small places was an easy thing for her to do, as her magic allowed her an ability to see her surroundings and make judgments based on it. However, with even years of using it, there were times in which she would still come to mess up once in a while walking along and hit something or someone, depending on the situation. Of course, until someone would realize or learn in some way that Aoi was actually blind, they wouldn't come off as some douche with a temper... Unless he or she was just some conceited moron who could care less of the reason and wanted to blow off some steam by yelling at someone. Those... Never really turned out well for anyone if anything escalated.

    Given some time to get showered and dry herself off, she would sit and continue to think over in her mind over something she was forgetting. Something important from which she needed to do today and the thought kept slipping her mind.She paced back and forth in her room thinking of what she needed to do... Or was it going somewhere... Maybe both? With a hum, she would sit at the edge of her bed and tap at her thigh as the mental block made her question what she had to do today, but the idea was slipping her mind and only making her angrier the longer the thought had skipped her mind. "What... FFFFFUCK! Now I remember!" She jumped up with the loud, adamant verbal confirmation of what she had forgotten to do. That's right! Eris had mentioned giving the blind mage a task of something huge, something to benefit her combat prowess in greater numbers, should Grim Heresy ever need to fight mages in such high numbers. And with the way Aoi's mind worked, there was not a chance that she would miss out on that! She owed way too much to her to lose out on helping her do anything that would progress her Keepers goals, let alone her own.

    Her choice of outfit for the idea of the mission felt to her like a good choice. No matter what poor soul would end up getting a taste of this blind girls blunt attitiude should have something to please their view with the godly figure she had grown into with the help of Eris. Since taking her in from her childhood, she has felt as such that the demoness was both her savior, and almost like a mother in some respect. Putting that aside, Aoi began to ease herself into dress; an all black attire from top to bottom, not including the hair on her head no less. The outfit overall seemed much like a uniform of sorts, black long sleeved top with a collar folded around the neck and a small ribbon tied around underneath it, clipped with a little gold trinket of sorts. This top hung over the waist and beginning to the black skirt to match this top, having a secondary layer of white fabric with a bit of a frill to the item. Black, thigh high stockings clipped up into the inner section of the skirt, ended with a lighter shade of a black pair of slip in shoes. Lastly, her hair would be left down, being the most attention bringing part to the outfit, being the red bow tied into her hair, left lower than normally done, and appearing to be less attached than it actually had been.

    She took her time to head to the destination, mostly done to take her closer to the very location from which she had to go. Despite all things considered, Aoi still had a problem getting to locations from which she had to get to without the fact that she had to go ahead and have someone take her to this place. Of course, with a bit of pursuasion, it was easy to con anyone into getting someone to take the girl at least remotely close to it, and giving her direction on foot to do so. It took some time to do so, in having to go into a town after leaving the guild, chartering a ride from there until they would get close enough to let her off, then finally letting her go to walk her way to the forest. There was little care in warnings and stories that were given to her about this place for her to go. The attempts in having her turn back didn't phase her, in fact, she blew them off because she simply didn't care about it. Headed into the forest still, her sonar would easily allow her to pick around and path her way safely through the forests while she walked in silence towards hopfully another person. Not really happy to do this with another person, she didn't necessarily have a choice and wouldn't go against Eris's orders, less she wanted to be punished for defying her. She reached a couple buildings suddenly, finding it odd to see these sitting in the middle of the forest, until it hit her that she had hit the village located next to the forest. "I.. Suppose I'm here... Fuck it. I guess I just have to wait..." With a sigh, she would just shrug and look around, waiting for the partner accompanying her.

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