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    Snowy Cottage [Job - Solo]

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    Snowy Cottage [Job - Solo] Empty Snowy Cottage [Job - Solo]

    Post by Shiny Mirage 19th May 2016, 7:43 am

    Job Info:

    Name: Snowy Cottage!
    Rank: D
    Player Requirements: Must be at least 10 posts long; at least 150 words per post
    Job Requirements: D-Rank Mages (max 3), Help build the Cottage without magic.
    Job Location: Mountain Village
    Job Description: Assist an old man named Bartre and his son Ninko build a wooden cottage atop a snowy mountain. The house being built is a gift for Bartre's daughter Nino, who's going to be married in a few months. Though they live in a magical world, Bartre does not believe in the use of magic to get a job done; and requests that the mage or mages helping him help build the cottage without using any magic.
    Enemies: n/a
    Reward: 1,000 jewels each.

    The trip to the Mountain village was supposed to be more of a vacation for the jester. However, after learning about the possibility of earning some extra jewel, he couldn't possibly miss that opportunity. Even though it included heavy manual labour. Sebastian would meet up with an old man named Bartre, who issued the job. The gist of it was building a cottage on a mountain without the usage of magic. The job would most likely take more than a single day to finish, but the jester wasn't really in any hurry. After a short conversation with Bartre, the old man would take Sebastian to the place where the cottage was being built.

    Day 1

    The path to the cottage was fairly long and exhausting, but during his nomad life, Sebastian has gone through slightly worse, before. Upon their arrival at the cottage they were greeted by Bartre's son - Ninko. "We've built the foundation, so far. We do have the required wood and rest of the materials, we just pretty much need to assemble to cottage." Ninko would get immediately to the point after the formal introductions. Sebastian took a look at the foundation built on side of the mountain - the cottage was supposed to be for Bartre's daughter, Nino, who was getting married. The cottage didn't seem to be that big, but it probably would've been enough for the daughter and her future family. "Where do we get started, then?"

    The rest of the day was spent by measuring the wooden logs and cutting them to the appropriate size. However, Sebastian knew that it was just going to get worse. /"I suppose I can't really complain, as I could use some workout."/ He thought amusedly, as the trio settled down for a simple dinner of roast meat. It did taste interesting, so Sebastian couldn't help but to inquire as to what made it taste so much different. He discovered, that they used a local kind of spice, that is somewhat hard to get outside the Mountain village. /"I'll make sure to get some on my way back to Magnolia."/

    Day 2

    After preparing the majority of wooden logs to be placed as walls, it was time to establish proper flooring for the cottage. The jester changed out of his usual attire and switched to clothes that were more comfortable for working. He did keep his mask, however. The constant working kept his blood flowing and his body warm. Sebastian's face was quite sweaty during their first break and Bartre suggested that he takes it off. If he had to be honest, Sebastian would've loved to, but he simply couldn't bring himself to do it. So, even though it made the work for him a tad bit harder, the jester kept his mask on.

    After their lunch break, the three men slowly finished work on the wooden flooring. The sun was slowly setting as they sat down to eat the dinner. As the soup was cooking over a campfire, Sebastian took his lute and started tuning it. "So it's really not just for show, then?" Ninko would ask with a laugh. "Would you mind playing a song or two for us, Sebastian?" The jester chuckled himself. He didn't realize how he had missed playing the lute. It almost sounded like he hasn't played for over a year, but that one day truly felt like a whole year. "I would be honored to do so, Ninko." The rest of the evening they spent singing and clapping into the rhythm.

    Day 3

    Now that the flooring has been placed and settled, it was time to raise up the walls with the prepared logs. During this day it was mostly Ninko and Sebastian's time to shine, as Bartre was too old to be lifting such heavy logs. Instead, the old man made sure that the logs were aligned correctly, so that the cottage wouldn't fall apart after they place the roof. They were getting to the really physically-demanding portion of building the cottage and Sebastian truly felt that.

    Bartre did a great job at ensuring the alignment of the logs and the youngsters showed what they were made of. They were still missing a great portion of one wall and one whole wall by the time evening came upon. "That's enough for today, you really deserve some good dinner tonight." Bartre said proudly as he started preparing a campfire. Ninko and Sebastian would nod at each other as they sat down for dinner.

    Day 4

    The fourth day of building the cottage was quite similar to the previous one. Bartre took it upon himself to guide the correct placement of the logs, as the leftover duo did the heavy lifting. It went a tad bit slower, as both Ninko and Sebastian were still somewhat exhausted after the previous day of building the cottage's walls. The mask kept on being a nuisance, but the jester refused to remove it.

    The afternoon wasn't much different, except for Ninko and Sebastian feeling extremely exhausted, which really slowed down the overall speed of the work. Bartre noticed that the duo had barely any strength left, so he called the end of the day sooner than usual. They still needed an extra wall to build, but that could've been taken care of on the next day. Even though they didn't really show it, Ninko and Sebastian were both glad and thankful that Bartre decided to call it a day sooner, so that they may gather more energy.

    Day 5

    After having rested for longer than previous nights, they all felt rejuvenated and went to work. The remaining wall got built in no time. As such, they started to work on the roof. The trickiest part. Until their break, the trio mostly discussed as to how they were going to approach the problem. They agreed upon a plan and then decided to have lunch. Sebastian picked up his beloved lute that he had missed for a while now and played a few songs for entertainment.

    The second part of the day consisted of the trio assembling the roof. With some help from a number of ladders, wooden posts and manly arms, they managed to put the roof on the walls they had built during the last few days. It did stretch quite into the night and they needed to take sure they didn't burn down the cottage by mistake, which luckily didn't happen. They were exhausted once again, but the effort was well worth it.

    Day 6

    The cottage itself was built, but they were still missing a few key components, such as windows and door. Thus, they made it a crafty day. As they were getting wood ready to become door-ified, Sebastian couldn't help but wonder how accidentless this whole endeavour was. /"Aside from our questionable decision to use a torch as a light source while building a wooden cottage, nothing really happened."/ As if he couldn't have jinxed it better, a moment later, Ninko cut Sebastian's right palm by an accident. "Damn! I'm sorry! I'm so sorry, Sebastian! Here, cover it up, quick!" Even though Ninko couldn't stop saying sorry, he kept himself collected and rummaged through a first aid kit that they brought with them, just in case. It hurt really bad, as it was a wound on Sebastian's right palm, which he constantly needed to use. After a few rolls of bandages were used and the would was covered, they took a break.

    Ninko finally stopped apologising for the accident after Sebastian said that it's fine after like a hundreth time. They went back to work, though it went somewhat slower, but still made a reasonable door and windows to go with it. Bartre and Ninko fit the door on its hinges and made sure it worked properly, then did the same with windows. Before they ate dinner, they decided to make small marks onto one of the logs, symbolising them, the ones who built the cottage. While Ninko helped out Sebastian with his one, Bartre went on cooking their dinner. Unfortunately, during this evening music couldn't be provided. Sebastian was quite sad about that.

    Final Day

    During this day, the trio spent most of their time ensuring that everything is truly, truly in place. The cottage had to be perfect. No less. As they were eating their lunch, a figure appeared. It also happened to be Nino, Bartre's daughter, who came to look at how the cottage was coming along and bring some more food and supplies for them. She was surprised to see that they had a helper, in form of Sebastian and then playfully swatted her brother on the head when she discovered the accident.

    "The cottage looks amazing. Thank you all, for doing this. I really thanks you." Nino was brimming with happiness and then proceeded to hug the hardworking trio, one by one. As she was hugging Sebastian, she would quietly whisper. "Again, I'm sorry about my brother." The jester would just chuckle at that, as he had heard that a lot, lately. "Don't worry about it, really."

    Since the cottage was pretty much done and needed only few cosmetic things added, Bartre decided that it was fine to call it a completed job. The four of them slowly made their was back into the village. As they walked, the temperature steadily rose, about which was Sebastian quite happy. After they entered the village, Bartre gave Sebastian his payment and Nino hugged him one last time.

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