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    Date night


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    Date night Empty Date night

    Post by HexMachina 18th May 2016, 8:25 pm

    Itami had only just opened his door when he heard a whisper at the edge of his mind and he sighed "if I wasn't so desperate for money i'd ignore this" but alas Itami was a little short on rent this week soooo. Itami trudged to the edge of the forest and came face to face with a very interesting sight, a woman sobbing next to his skeleton another sigh escaped Itami and he tapped her on the shoulder and the woman shrieked and turned around to defend herself "A-a-a-are you Itami *sob* *sob*" Itami nodded "that'd be me and you are"
    "A-a-Asako m-m-my name is Asako" Itami reached out and picked Asako off of the ground "well Asako I've got the general gist of the situation and I think I can help a little" and with that he thrust his red frock from his last job into the surprised arms of Asako "w-where'd you get this it's beautiful" Itami shook his head and trudged off away from the forest "never mind that come on we have a date don't we and you have a dress to put on".

    The sun had dipped below the horizon when Itami stepped out of the store in a new plaid suit and tie and walked up and joined arms with an elegant Asako who blushed when she looked at Itami "y-y-y-you look very handsome Itami sir" Itami blinked in confusion 'sir?' he paid it no mind and guided Asako to the restaurant he had visited a few days earlier and was greeted with a short and enthusiastic man at the front door and with a smile he waved them in and sat them at a very fine tabled towards the centre of the room and seated them "weeeeelll Mr Machina it is so good to see you again I wil personally be your waiter for this evening" Itami nodded with a curt smile and picked up his menu "I would like the Linguine with prawns and zucchini and what would you like Asako tonight everything is my treat" Asako blushed even more at Itami and picked out a simple spaghetti Bolognese. While they waited Itami made idle chit chat and tried to be as charming as possible which only served to deepen the blush on Asako's face.
    the night dimmed and the 'couple' finished off their meals and strode out of the restaurant but Asako paused "don’t we have to pay for the bill Itami” and Itami chuckled a bit "nope since I was here last time testing his new batch of wine whenever I come here everything is free kind of makes you think about coming here more often aye” Itami wriggled his eyebrows at her and she blushed even deeper and leaned into Itamis shoulder as they walked along the dim street lit only by a few lamps here and there only to arrive at Asako’s all too soon for her liking she dejectedly let go of Itamis arm as they arrived at her door she turned quickly and gave Itami a curt thanks and a chaste kiss on the lips before running inside wishing to see him again and Itami trudged down the street with 1 thought on his mind ‘hmm maybe I should come to rose garden more often it’s quite pleasant ‘.

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