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    A Tale of Silence and Music [Open - Primarily Rune Knights but Anyone Welcome]

    Hero Yamamoto
    Hero Yamamoto

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    A Tale of Silence and Music [Open - Primarily Rune Knights but Anyone Welcome] Empty A Tale of Silence and Music [Open - Primarily Rune Knights but Anyone Welcome]

    Post by Hero Yamamoto 17th May 2016, 8:23 am

    Magnolia, the home of Fairy Tail, a rambunctious guild that went overboard all the time. For Hero, what mattered most of all was that they remained reined in. The city itself, however, was tame and lively in a good way. What caught the man's eye in particular in this town was a piano that made its home in a quaint music store, which didn't see many customers. It was on peaceful days like these when Yamamoto would spend time in that store playing the instrument, and in a lot of cases, his playing ended up attracting customers which was good for the store. Majority of the time, Hero played classical music but every once in a while he got requests to play with other musicians which was a lot of fun.

    Despite those precious moments however, he always returned to his duties and his memories. Memories of the hardships he undertook to get to where he was currently and the duties he had to fulfill now, with the Rune Knights. For him, the Rune Knights were a home he could return to after a long day working to maintain order. He had many comrades who he would join with for drinks on free nights, but out of all the comrades the man had, not a single one was considered a friend in his eyes. It was best that way, he thought quite often. No one needed to be close to him; no one needed to know his past; no one needed to know what Hero was beneath the exterior juggernaut of a man; no one needed to know what he had lost years ago.

    "Excuse me, sir. We're about t--"

    The young man heard an older voice and then realized it was nearly dark. Surprised slightly by how time flew by, he stood up and nodded his head toward the owner of the shop before walking outside. Damn it, I hate when time escapes me. That's what I get for playing the piano I suppose. In light of that fact, he still had time to make final rounds before having to make his way back to the station. He hoped that no one would realize that he wasted an entire day playing an instrument, granted it wasn't on purpose.

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