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    Excalibur Arondight (W.I.P.)


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    Excalibur Arondight (W.I.P.)

    Post by Dubhlainn on 16th May 2016, 10:14 am

    The Redeemed Legacy of Du Lac


    Excalibur Arondight was a relic that was thought to be lost by the house of Du Lac many years ago. The former wielder of Arondight, the pride of the Du lac family has his sword collected and repaired that it may return to the house of Du lac and would serve as a family heirloom; however the very sword itself never had arrived. The carrier was thought to have gone missing delivering the requested sword.

    Of course the sword did not remained lost as it turns out that the very blade itself sank deep into the lake, the Dominion of Vivien who was known as the Lady of the Lake. Arondight was discovered by the river banks that lead to this lake and was put into a museum for display. Certain arrangements were made to retrieve the blade and substitute the actual artifact for a double.

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    Power Divergence

    Any records of the Du Lac Ancestry was all but lost, though it was believed by some that the lineage of Du Lac had magical origins rather than actual human. Arondight was just a durable sword during its prime when its wielder was still alive, however according to magi, the blade itself has been imbedded with the blessings of the fae, specifically thought to be the actual lady of the lake herself, perhaps hoping that the true successor would one day find Arondight again and re-ignite its use and days of glory.

    Primarily while Dubhlainn wields this blade, any kind of magic that would have been thrown at him will deviate or simply be nullified about contact with the blade. This is because Excalibur Arondight generates an aura that negates magic at a certain point or an area and if magic were to cross with it, it deviates so in which this case, Arondight can be used to reflect magic away or back at where it came from, this also applies to any objects or substances manifested by magic. If Dubhlainn is suffering from Crowd Control by means of magic, simply by swinging his blade to the air causes the aura to expand the area it covers, completely negating its effects, that is if Dubhlainn is blessed by the Aura itself.

    If the magic is embedded to any kind of substance, solid or liquid, it loses its power to manipulate the substance immediately.

    • The ability is powerful against magic, as a matter of fact it can be classified as an anti-magical ability to which it nullifies any form of magic the blade touches and reflects magic back or away, depending on how the sword was swung.

    • A simple blade swing generates a wind created by that force and wind that was created by that force would typically be blessed by that aura. So if the force of the blade reaches an ally, any kind of harmful magical buff will automatically be dispelled.

    • Scattered traces of the blade’s aura will affect some areas, thus possibly decreasing the effectiveness of incoming magic by 20%. In this case, a hit dice must be rolled. If the opponent possess draconic like properties, magic reduction will increase to 30% instead, this is because Arondight is primarily a dragon slaying sword.

    • The ability’s purpose is to diverge power, if magic wouldn’t be an option, physical attributed techniques will render it useless, moreover it cannot diverge “True Magic” or simply pure energy, though its completely rare for Dubhlainn to encounter those who possess mages that command pure mana.

    • Scattering the aura is the only way for Dubhlainn to expand the field which diminishes the potential of magic. Preventing Dubhlainn from creating vast swings may be able to prevent the expansion of aura, expanded or pockets of aura will decay for 2 posts.

    • The ideas of illusions and concealment is ill advised as a swing of his sword would completely render them useless hence relying on non-magical abilities would be the only solution, however if by chance the opponent is magical in itself or is a demi-human, their magic will only be reduced down to 10% as originally the aura would decrease 20%.

      The decrease and effectiveness of magic also affects Dubhlainn’s offensive spells with the exceptions of support and utilities. Unfortunately Dubhlainn is more reliant on his own fighting capabilities.

    Ability 2:

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    Re: Excalibur Arondight (W.I.P.)

    Post by Jiyu Kazehime on 16th December 2017, 5:54 pm


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