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    To Earthland... And Beyoooond! [Job - Solo]

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    To Earthland... And Beyoooond! [Job - Solo] Empty To Earthland... And Beyoooond! [Job - Solo]

    Post by Shiny Mirage 16th May 2016, 9:40 am

    Job info:

    The travelling jester had been to Rose Garden a few times before. It was the place where great memories originated from and a place where you could always find someone to form a temporary party with. The lute made it easy for him to secure a spot within a party and make sure he gets to his next destination safely. However, this time his business was quite different. He came to Rose Garden searching for a passport. Even though he was a traveller, he only ever travelled within the borders of Fiore. What could possibly await him in the outside world?

    As he entered the Rose Garden, he was greeted by the atmosphere he knew all too well. /"Didn't know I would miss this place this much, huh."/ He was surprised as to how glad he felt. Perhaps, this was one place that he could call his refuge, of sorts. However, he had to get back to the business he came for. And he surely didn't come here for sentimental reasons. Where would one go to look for a passport, though? He decided to try the main plaza first.

    Of course it would the plaza. Filled with people, like usual. But this time not only because of meetings and street artists, but also because of the passport issuing stand. It was only natural that the line was... quite humongous, to say the least. /"Do any of these people even have time to travel abroad?"/ The jester was wondering as he was trying to come up with a sensible solution to the situation at hand.

    Perhaps the lute would prove itself useful, once again. He was hoping that nobody who actually knew him was around. With this decision, he took the lute off of his back. He would sit on a nearby curb for a moment, to tune it a little bit. After he was satisfied with the sound, he would stand up once again. He started playing one of his more prevalent songs that he usually went for when he needed to prove the quality of his service. It didn't take long for people to notice a jester playing a lute just casually strolling along the line and sometimes stopping to bow to people who cheered him on. It seemed that the entertainment he provided was very much welcome for the people standing in line.

    He went through a few songs, during some he even sang. People were put at an ease, and when he was approaching the stand, they didn't to mind. They probably haven't figured out yet, that he's just basically cutting in line. However, when he took a glance over at the officers who were hard at work, issuing new passports, seemed to be pleased by the entertainment aswell. All the happiness was cut short, when he approached the stand. "Sebastian Mistfall, a mage of Fairy Tail Guild, would like to ask for a passport, if you would be so kind."

    People and officers alike weren't too happy when they figured out that the jester was just cutting in line. Some people from the line even yelled at him, but they were quickly shushed by others. However, Sebastian was prepared for this. "In return for doing this for me, I'd be more than happy to provide you with more songs." People started murmuring between themselves and seemed to come to a conclusion, that he could go ahead and do what he had proposed. With a small sigh the officers issued a passport for the jester. He would then deeply bow in thanks. "I am in your debt, my friends. Now, I shall do as I promised!" He would exclaim and keep on playing his lute with a passport secure in one of his travelling pouches.

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