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    Addilyn’s Bank of History

    Addilyn Amara
    Addilyn Amara

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    Addilyn’s Bank of History Empty Addilyn’s Bank of History

    Post by Addilyn Amara 16th May 2016, 9:09 am

    Addilyn Amara's Library

    Approved Weapons:


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      Descrip of weapon:




      Description & Appearance:
      A weapon named after a Etruscan goddess of love and vitality, Turan is a special weapon once forgotten and now re-discovered. Unlike many other weapons, it's blade seems to be made out of pink-tinted glass that is enchanted with special magic. Not only the blade, however, but the whole weapon appears to be saturated with special magical power that will aid anyone who wields this tool. But something like that does not happen easily, as there is a legend tied to Turan. Only a chosen magician may wield this weapon and use it against their foes. When the chosen one touches the sword's hilt, a pair of butterfly wings will sprout from the guard and shine brilliantly, unlocking the true potential hidden within the otherwise useless, but still pretty, piece of equipment.

      Despite the weapon's apparent theme and origin, it's abilities are very much combat-oriented and gives it's wielder an extra edge in close-range battle. While not as deadly as some other legendary weapon's of this type, Turan is still an extremely dangerous enemy for anyone, as those who oppose its wielder might find themselves unable to dodge its attacks or even give up outright.


      • A legendary blade that gives its user unique powers to use in combat


      • Due to the weapon's appearance, some might be a bit too embarrassed to use it
      • Cannot be used by non-mages

      Name: Special Bond
      Rank: B
      Duration: 6 posts
      Cooldown: 7 posts
      Description: A special power of Turan, blade that is said to be eternally searching for its perfect counterpart. In it's endless search, the weapon can easily, albeit temporarily, get attached to something it can find fitting. Turan's wielder may activate this ability in the moment they strike an enemy with this blade, marking them with a special bond. Afterwards, the user may teleport to the enemy once as long as they are within 200 meters. The mark disappears after a single teleportation or 6 posts, so use it wisely!

      • Allows for a moment of surprise in the next 6 posts of attack landed


      • Can only mark a single person per use of ability
      • The user must strike an enemy before they can activate this power

      Name: Turan's charm
      Rank: A
      Duration: Passive
      Cooldown: Passive
      Description: Those who are struct by this weapon's blade will without fail feel it's special power. One that connects the weapon to the goddess of Love who goes by the same name, user of this weapon can charm any non-player and non-event NPCs by cutting them with this sword and force them to do their bidding. This ability can be used on player characters as well, but OOC permission is required.

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    Approved Armors:


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    • [url=Url of armor app goes here]Armor Name[/url]
    • [url=Url of armor app goes here]Armor Name[/url]

    Approved Items:


    • The Mothers Rosario
    • [url=Url of item app goes here]Item Name[/url]
    • [url=Url of item app goes here]Item Name[/url]

    Approved Pet(s):


    • [url=Url of pet app goes here]Pet Name[/url]
    • [url=Url of pet app goes here]Pet Name[/url]
    • [url=Url of pet app goes here]Pet Name[/url]

    Ongoing Missions:


    • Lich's and Witches
    • [url=Url of mission goes here]Thread Title[/url]
    • [url=Url of mission goes here]Thread Title[/url]

    Finished Missions:


    Ongoing Threads:


    • [url=Url of thread goes here]Thread Title[/url]
    • [url=Url of thread goes here]Thread Title[/url]
    • [url=Url of thread goes here]Thread Title[/url]

    Finished Threads:


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    • [url=Url of thread goes here]Thread Title[/url]
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    (You may put any non-mission thread or any already redeemed missions here!)

    Family Tree

    Note: Please if interested in plotting for a sibling via Alt or other plot, please DM me (Ceostra/Bunny) via Discord or on site if you don’t have a way to do so. Thank you :)

    F- Haku Amara: Very formal, traditional traits. Traditions are semi apparent in his personality but values the need to keep food on the table for family and will place the value of his family over that of traditions. He keeps to a very straight forward personality on the surface, however he tends to keep to himself on how he truly feels unless he reaches a very high tolerant point. Even then, he will not result to direct physical contact. He would prefer to put a hole in a wall than hit someone.
    M- Aribella Amara: A self taught, traditional woman. She holds tight to an refuses to ignore anything beyond traditional rules. Be it arranged marriages, instilling traditions within her children, and keeping the line pure of blemishes. Namely any sexual preferences outside of male and female. Her stubborn and strict personality leads heavily into corporal punishment and only bends a knee to the final say of her husband.

    Estranged family:
    Aunt and uncle are equivalent of Karen’s. Extremely held up in old school traditions and believe everything in life is owed to them.

    6 children between ages of 31 at oldest to youngest of 14. 4/6 children are to be very spoiled and entitled, one is very down to earth and normal, while the last is a delinquent whom gets drunk and high too often to hold down even simple jobs.

    Siblings: #8

    Eldest - Spoiled and narcissistic. Believes they are gods gift to Earthland (age at least 10 years older than Addilyn)

    2- Holds tight to the normal traditions of the family, often times remaining isolated and studying. One of few in the family whom has and can actively use magic.

    3 - married off in arranged marriage. Ages from 22 to 25

    #4 Laziest sibling. Smart and intellectual, but will more often persuade others to do their work for them.

    #5 fitness junky. Loves to exercise and will more or less put their time into keeping up with their appearance than

    #6 - (Addilyn) child actress with growing career until arriving in Fiore for a movie, where she is the victim of an attempted assassination on her life.

    #7 - Problem child and a current runaway from home with having left the country entirely. (Age range is within 2 years of Addilyn)

    Youngest (Yoshi Amara) - Yoshi died of a sickness/disease at the age of 8. Most siblings had come to drastic changes in their personalities from this tragedy. Siblings #3, #5, Addilyn, and #7 were all majorly affected, while the others had little to no change. The eldest even ignoring the existence of their own sibling.


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