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    The Mother's Rosario


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    The Mother's Rosario

    Post by Mitsurugi on 15th May 2016, 7:22 pm

    The Mother’s Rosario
    Unique Item


    A leather choker with a cross attached to a silver chain, this item doesn’t take up an item slot. Once per thread, the wearer may remove the cross by means of pulling it off in order to release a wave of healing energy that restores 20% HP to everyone and everything within 30 yards of the wearer. This restores health to allies as well as enemies.

    Lore: Crafted by a holy man as a gift to his beloved, a female warrior who fought valiantly against the invading evils; this item never reached her neck due to an untimely demise. Unable to give this to another woman, it was encased in a glass container for several decades. Upon the holy man’s death, it was removed and gifted to a young woman who took over his chapel and made sure to keep it in pristine condition. The woman had earned the name “Mother Thestia” from her action, treating all walks of life as though it were her child, and showing nothing but love to all who walked in the chapel’s doors. Upon her death some eighty or so years after recieving this item, it was called “The Mother’s Rosario” and was stored with her in her coffin. Several hundred years have passed since then, and many hands have touched the item yet it shows no signs of aging in the slightest. Now, after so many hands, it lands in yours to do with what you wish.

    • Is able to heal others
    • Doesn’t use an equipment slot

    • Healing ability will heal enemies as well if they’re in range
    • Healing ability is 1 time use
    • Healing ability will not restore health to those that are dead

    Note: Item was traded via the trading hub

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