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    Wine Tasting


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    Wine Tasting Empty Wine Tasting

    Post by HexMachina 15th May 2016, 3:12 pm

    Itami stepped off of the train as the sun was just peaking over the horizon and he threw up his arm to deflect the sudden glare from the sun "damn it sun give me five minutes before you bling me eh" he turned around and picked his small suitcase off of the ground and strode out of the station. when he stepped out of the station the market district was mostly deserted which was how he liked it. Walking to the restaurant wasn't too unpleasant only the occasional glance from the elderly folk which didn't bother him much due to his fondness for his grandmother. he approached the front of the restaurant and proceeded to rap shortly and quickly on the front door, the front door was thrown open surprising Itami a little and he backpedalled slightly a short and stout man with a short head of receding hair stood before him "Welcome good sir are you perhaps here for the wine tasting" Itami nodded with slight annoyance "yes I am may I come in" "why certainly my dear boy right this way" the short man lead Itami through the door and down the hall to the left and up some stairs into a lowly lit room with small barrels lining the walls, Itami was impressed by the organisation of the room. the stout man lead Itami up to a table with 8 different glasses sitting on a platter with some cheese slices (much to Itamis dismay) "now young man these are of my latest batch of red and white wines that I will be serving to my customers" Itami nodded and rolled up the sleeves of his shirt and the man looked at them for a fraction of a second before nodding towards the first glass of red, Itami tipped the glass slightly and pooled the liquid into his mouth and swirled it around before turning to the man to make his judgement
    "hmm Merlot Fruity, spicy. Very soft, less tannic than Cabernet sauvignon I'd say this is a fine accompaniment to any mans palette" he set the glass down and washed his mouth out with water before picking up the next glass this time of white sparkling wine and he repeated the process and once again turning to the man "Sauvignon blanc Dry, tart and acidic with herbal flavors as well as tropical fruit this I would only serve in the spring I personally would put this away for such a time" the short man nodded and shouted to some staff members. Itami picked another red at the far end of the table and swished it around before sipping at it "ahh this is a favourite of mine a Pinot noir Delicate and fresh, very soft tannins with fruity aromas you have done well little sir" he sampled the rest of the wines and by the time he was finished the first of the customers had begun to pour in the front door the little man turned to Itami and bowed with a smile "I thank you Mr Itami for your efforts feel free to return anytime for free food and drink" Itami bowed his head and murmured "It's doctor but whatever" and he strode off back to the train station to return home.

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