[Existence Cannon 1/3] The Base

    King Elyx

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    [Existence Cannon 1/3] The Base

    Post by King Elyx on 13th May 2016, 1:04 am

    Job Title: [Existence Cannon 1/3] The Base

    100 Year

    Player Requirements:
    S Ranked Mages or Higher, up to three wizards may take the job.

    Job Requirements:
    80 Posts Minimum, 500 Words minimum per post.

    Job Location:
    Mystic Tower

    Job Description:

    The Continent of Fiore homes the lands of some of the strongest wizards to exist. To have one of the longest lasting governments despite facing the trial's of enemies that dared oppose it, the country has proven itself time after time to be one of the strongest, if not strongest, country. An impressive title, nothing to sneeze at for sure. But a different continent of the name "Coda" would send a letter to the Council, telling them of a project that they were coming up with. The senders name goes by "Shadelle", whether that be the name of a being or an organization. Whatever the reason, it would go by ignored due to the critical level of expertise that it claimed to require. According to the sheet, this was a job worthy of being titled "100 Years." This "Shadelle" place may have not been very well known, but the writing had been done so professionally, and the reward at the bottom of the sheet with an address would catch the attention of any mage.

    "Armada Ark" would be printed at the top of the sheet of paper in large black print. The letter from Shadelle claims that if one of Fiore's mages brings the "Armada Ark" altogether, the country does not need to fear any use of it onto the land. A subtle form of threat, not that it should be regarded in any form. The one who takes this job will be required to search the world itself for the first piece of the weapon, and just that part alone will give the finder a hefty amount of jewels. Provided all three of them are found, the rewards will stack much higher to the point in which only years can break down the riches of this reward.

    Why would Shadelle pay so much for just a part of the weapon? And for all three pieces, why give so much comfort to the mage that does that successfully? Unfortunately, these details have been claimed to be classified, and only those of specific ears may hear the reason as of currently. This raises some question for the Magic Council, so they will send a few investigators from the Rune Knights to assist the ones that take this job, mainly for recon. However, Shadelle didn't just send this to the Council, since they honestly did not care for how the weapon was brought to them, just as long as it was. Dark Guilds will receive this job as well, but will not be provided with support from the Magic Council unless accompanied alongside a legal or neutral mage, in which they must conceal their identities. Alternatively, the dark mages can meet a Treasure Hunter along the path that the legal or neutral mages will not encounter.

    And so the search for the first piece of the Armada Ark officially begins.

    Rune Knight Support:

    This is a Rune Knight that just barely made it out of being an apprentice, and this is almost his first mission. Unfortunate for him to end up in a job this severe, though he had brought that upon himself as he claimed to be unchallenged. His hyperactive and fun-loving nature allows him to cover much ground, though sometimes his words and actions may get your group in trouble. Despite this, he does have some value for the group, since each strike of his sword is the equivalent of an S ranked magic spell. Impressive for someone of his experience, but still not at the highest level on combat, and certainly not designed to handle the job alone. It takes 1 H rank hit to take down Klay.


    Paralysis Sphere (1x): This palm-sized item has a tiny silver pin that needs to be pulled for this to activate. Once that is done, the bomb will go off five seconds after the pin has been pulled. Anything within 100 Meters of the bomb as it detonates will be paralyzed for one turn.


    A true gentleman while off the field, a menace while on it, this Rune Knight sir has proven himself to be one of the best of the division. His main purpose was to keep Klay from doing anything stupid. However, his expertise in traveling through terrains and keeping the health of a party up makes him a valuable member. His magic is the Arc of Embodiment, and each spell casted out using this magic inflicts S ranked damage. His secondary magic is Earth Manipulation, which inflicts A rank damage per strike using this magic. His personality is rather calm, but he often scolds Klay whenever he gets out of line. The primary goal was to bring Klay back alive, rather than get the mission to result in a success, and so he will focus on that first. It takes 2 H rank hits to take down Oliver.


    Healing Sphere (1x): A dome of light magic emits from the sphere up to fifty meters away. It instantly heals all negative effects of anything within it, provided the negative effects be S rank or lower. 10% HP is healed on those affected by this. Revival Sphere (1x): Revives one target when used, the target revived with 1 HP and 5% MP.

    Lightning Spear (2x): When these spears are thrown, they seemingly disappear without a trace. That is how fast they travel, and will only stop when it comes in contact with a solid, inflicting H rank damage onto it.

    Treasure Hunter:

    A timid-looking treasure hunter, one might underestimate her due to her seemingly-hesistant nature. However, one swing of her ax will split terrains in half, so one should not get careless when around her. The goal of the treasure hunter is to find the three pieces of the Existence Cannon, taking on the same job as the mages did. Provided you are willing to split the reward with her, she will gladly work alongside you. Though she does not have much magic, any magic damage and effects reduce to zero, whether they be good or bad. Every strike of her ax inflicts H rank damage. It takes 3 H rank hits to take Lala down.

    Gummy Worms (3x): Each mage that eats a pack of these gains 25% Strength and Speed for 1 turn.

    Leaf Potion (1x) The one who consumes this is restored back to full health. However, they lose 20% MP.

    True Cure Potion (1x): Refreshes the consumers body to perfect state with no negative effects, and any nullification to the consumers movement has no effect on them. This applies for 1 turn.


    Distance: You begin to feel a bit of doubt in you, since you have not been given a specific place to search. One begins to wonder about what they could be doing instead, what Shadelle is even up to, what they would need with the Existence Cannon, and eventually, if too many Weak monster dice is rolled, one might turn back and give up, believing that this is not worth it. This depends on the one who is rolling and their persistence, but every being has a limit.

    Stun Trap: One blast per being for every Normal monster dice rolled. A sudden beam of light will fire on top of every being. If the beam hits successfully, they take S ranked damage and lose 5% MP. If the target is H rank, this is reduced to 3% MP.

    Mini Crystal Dragons (5x):

    Dragons formed from precious jewels. They come as a pact, and tend to use light based roars to wipe out opponents. Each roar that is used inflicts S rank damage, so it almost inflicts 2x H rank or X rank damage per turn if all of the attacks are successful. They each take 3 H rank hits each to defeat. If they are attacked by a darkness-related attack, that attack inflicts double the damage onto them. In turn however, if they are attacked by a light-based attack, the negative effects of the light magic does not affect the dragons, and the damage they take is cut in half.

    True Crystal Dragon:

    Nice job, now you found the one who swallowed the Armada Ark Body Piece, and the only way to get it back is to engage in combat with the beast. Unfortunate, considering it inflicts X rank damage per physical strike. It's body is made from the finest of jewels and minerals, but some of the toughest as well. It is able to take a hearty 15 H ranks worth of damage before finally being defeated... So... Good Luck! It can breathe out light magic to attack opponents, which inflicts S rank damage, but puts the ones hit by it in Perfect Paralysis for a post.

    Perfect Paralysis: A state in which one is unable to move, use their spells, abilities, items, weapons, and lineage. Basically, a helpless state.

    There are ways to give this dragon a hard time however. Provided one can attack this dragon with a darkness-related attack, that attack will inflict double the damage onto the dragon. In turn, those who attack with light-related attacks, those attacks do not inflict negative effects onto it, and the damage is cut in half.


    250k Jewels. The True Crystal Dragon leaves behind a Topaz jewel while the rest of the Crystals shatter. Inside it in a small box, a miniature storing box. Assuming this is the piece of the Existence Cannon, you finish this part of the job, and now have access to Existence Cannon Part 2.



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    Re: [Existence Cannon 1/3] The Base

    Post by Izayuki on 13th May 2016, 8:09 pm



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