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    Why modeling....


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    Why modeling.... Empty Why modeling....

    Post by Nadarr on 11th May 2016, 6:20 pm

    As Tex got to the Forest she sighed in ablsoute dismay,  She had to prepare for one of the biggest challenges of her life, something she has been avoiding for as long as possible something she has been dreading for the longest time....modeling.  Tex wasn't a hug fan of modeling for one main reason She wasn't that appealing.  People wanted busty hot chicks not girls who still look super young looking girls the only reason anyone would is because she was famous.  The thought of that made her groan more and more.  As she got to the shoot the photographer was already there and smirked. "We finally got you to shoot for us you couldn't dodge us forever.  Tex looked down for a moment thinking how that wasn't quite true she could easily dodge them forever she just was told to suck it up and go do this from the guild master.  So she did what she did for anyone she was forced to work with but didn't want to.  she put on a fake smile and simply gave a nod.  "yup lets get this photo shoot going!" she would say in a semi chipper mood.  Then she was handed a black dress.  she looked  an it it was a low cut dress that showed a lot of leg though it was a very fine silky black cloth then looked at the man as she was told to change.  So with that she went away and changed into the dress.   She sighed as she walked out She looked really cute in it there was no denying that and the photographer as practically drooling at her. "Aright lets get going!" he said happily as Tex just nodded worried take he was going to just keep the pictures for himself but she was in no position to reasonable believe this so she sucked it up and got ready.

    Tex then walked over by a big tree a struck a pose that she was told to  giving a super cute smile and she put her fingers over her eyes in a peace sign and she held this pose for what seemed to be several moments.  The camera snapped pictures furiously of Tex as he kept moving to different angles to try to get the perfect shot.  Eventually he stopped looking at Tex nodding "that was a good shoot we have another outfit for you i mean if you want." He said smiling.  She sighed she wasn't exactly allowed to say no and it was one more outfit how bad could it be.  As one would say those were her famous last words as he held up a rabbit outfit.  "Why do you have that..." she groaned not wanting to wear it she wore costumes for shows before but this was different this was someone she already didn't want taking her picture snapping photo's of her in skimpy outfits.  She sighed as he said they were starting a costume line up and that they needed to see how it looked on someone like her.   She sighed taking the rabbit outfit  going behind a tree to change again.  Then she sighed again as she put in the rabbit ears it looked good she could pull it off she just didn't want to.

    She then walked out and his jaw practically hit the floor in amazement at the outfit and wasted not time telling her to lean against the tree and pose.  She sighed giving another cute smile doing what she was asked to and she stuck a pose which entailed her holding her arms above her head as well.  The camera snapped even faster then before as he literally got her picture from every angle some that she didn't exactly approve of to be honest it made Tex a little uncomfortable the way he was doing it getting up really close like that but then he finished up telling her that they were done.  and she went away changing back into her white dress and then pulled her hair back.  She then walked out looking at the man "Are we done here?"  She asked looking at him.  he nodded "of course you did very well"  he smirked walking to his case then bringing back a bag of jewels handing it to her.  After getting her payment and being glad that it was over with and started to walk away.  She wasn't sure if this was a good idea at the end of the day but she did it and it was done she only hoped she could get home with ease and that she didn't miss the train.

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