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    Wine Tasting


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    Wine Tasting Empty Wine Tasting

    Post by Nadarr 11th May 2016, 5:20 pm

    Tex Walked through Rose Gardens humming and dancing through the streets of The place known as Rose Garden. This was Tex’s first official job with her new guild and she didn’t want to mess it up. She was sure everything would go fine But she didn’t know how this worked. She then looked around for the restaurant she was going to, the job was pretty straight forward all she had to was give her opinion of some wine that someone had made. As she got to the restaurant she looked at it tilting her head admiring the décor it was a grey building with vines growing around the sides of it in vary elegant patterns and each window had stained glass. Whoever owned this place put a lot of effort into making it look really nice and fancy. Tex was more excited now surely a place like this would have lot’s of yummy food so without another second of delay Tex did a spin in place and start to dance her way inside the restaurant. As she walked inside the inside looked just as pricey as the outside did. Each seat was a very nice red leather with flush carpets and super elegant lighting. She could tell this was ment to be a very high end restaurant. Then a small man walked out to him out to her then smiled “Welcome how can I help you today?” He would ask then do what everyone else did and gaze at her awkwardly “you look familiar…” he would say. Tex nodded and smiled “I am with the Sleeping forest guild my name is Tex Technol I came-“ she was then cut off. “Your Tex Technol the celebrity!” he would say going wide eyed. Tex simply nodded “Mhm that’s me I came to test your wine” Then he instantly shined and nodded “Of course what an honor please follow me” he said leading Tex to a booth and smiled offering her a seat. “She simply nodded taking a seat “thank you” she’d say as she sat then straightened out her dress then looked at the man. “I’ll be right back” he said leaving quickly going to the kitchen leaving Tex there alone for a few moments then he rushed out holding a glass and a bottle with quirk In it. “here we are you ready” She nodded with a smile and watched as the man poured her a drink. He then handed the crystal looking glass to her. She smelled it and she then slowly took a sip. And looked at the man who was sweating bullets next to her. She smiled at him nodding. “It’s amazing!” she said happily. Then the man practically jumped with joy “thank you so much!” he practically jumped with joy. She simply took a pen and wrote on he bottle. Then she simply stood up and gave him the bottle “I must be going but I’ll come back” she nodded and left then the man lookd at the bottle it read I couldn’t recommend this more good luck and keep going. Then she it simply had her auto graph at the bottom so people knew it was her. The man ran out waving to the girl who was dance away yelling thank you to her holding the bottle. She simply spun and gave a smile and wave before heading home.

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