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    TAG, YOU'RE IT • job

    Post by Raven on 10th May 2016, 12:24 am

    Lucie • Fairy Tail • D Rank

    I thought you knew what happens when you refuse," the voice said with a sardonic chuckle, laced with a fair deal of sadism. It got fairly tiring, though. Why did he have to do everything? He instructed the small girl to use her special knife, the artifact dagger Crepundia, to draw a bit of blood, or to take a life? For such a blank slate like Lucie, why did she give him such firm resistance? She was no more than a fetus spirit, really, and that of a nonhuman... yet Ren knew exactly who and what she was, even if the child literally had no memories. He had discovered her spirit and thrust it inside of a random, weak body he had found- Nanna was her name. She was a selective mute and weak in health, with her soul being frail and her spirit with barely any thread of connection to the body. It was easy to stuff Lucie inside and make her conscious the dominant one. Nanna hardly was there to fight back, and she unknowingly fed off of the other being. As for Ren, he safely possessed the body as well, but allowed Lucie to be the lead personality. After all, he was the puppetmaster- he worked the strings from behind, while the doll performed on the outside.

    So far, unfortunately, Lucie was a fairly defective doll. It would take more effort and work on his part to mold her into what he desired. To control and shape the daughter of the target of his wrath and revenge- was that not a fitting shot? In the end, all of the hardship would be worth it, and on top of that, he had his sister, now a Bakeneko, Annazima to help him.
    The silver-haired girl attempted to resist the malevolent Ren, yet her struggles were futile as he remained in control, turning her left crimson eye pale silvery blue. "Are you going to behave yet, my dear Lucie?" he spoke aloud, using the body, Nanna's voice, and thus Lucie's as well. It was the only one she had ever known, after all, and he was successful in overcoming the body's natural tendency towards selective mutism. From inside of the mind, he could hear the child's quiet sobs. "Listen... you have one more chance. Follow my instructions, and I promise not to punish you," he said with a smirk, hearing more cries from inside of his mind. After they subsided, he willingly relinquished control of the body, and allowed Lucie to slip back into possession.

    Crepundia was held gingerly in her trembling hands as Ren went on to speak. "If you want me to forgive you, it's simple. I already used your Kairos Reject on the area- those children there, kill them. Make it slow and messy or make it swift and clean- the decision is yours. But do it, or else," he said as she gazed in the direction of the slightly younger child. Ren had slowed down the movement speed of individuals and frozen time in the area with her own spell... but she understood. The torture he could mete out was unbearable, as it usually directly involved her spirit- which could result in the ultimate source of pain. He had already defiled her more than a few times like this, yet that was hardly something her innocent mind wanted to recall. Floods of tears rushing down her face and falling, Lucie began her run- to tag them gently and quickly with Crepundia, her tiny blade. She had to win, or else, really... she feared and hated Ren so much. But he was all she had known- how could she know or be any different? Within several minutes they all were dead, between her enhanced speed and their lagged movements thanks to her spell.

    The tears kept falling, but at least she was far from the scene now. "Good, good. One day, it won't hurt anymore. Trust me. I'm proud of you, Lucie."

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