Stange Vulcans PT.1 [Job/Daiki]



    Stange Vulcans PT.1 [Job/Daiki]

    Post by Guest on 3rd May 2016, 1:31 pm

    Job Info:

    Job: Strange Vulcans! (Part One)
    Rank: C-Rank Job
    Player Requirements: 2 Players Defeat 10 Primates, 15 post minimum. (200+ Words Per Post)
    Requirements: Stop the Vulcans from stealing food from the nearby villages in the Spooky Forest.
    Location: Spooky Forest
    Description: Signs of vulcans have appeared in the Spooky Forest! These vulcans are seem to be stealing food from the nearby villages. Stop them before they hurt someone! If you take the job you must bring another mage with you.
    Weak: Young vulcans
    Normal: Low-level adult vulcans
    Strong: High-level vulcans
    [optional]Boss: Troll Kong: King of the forest Vulcans. Unlike others; it has two sets of arms, each double the muscle mass. Do not confuse this thing for being slow or unbalanced, it has adapted well to being able to not only move quick but is extremely agile as well; able to swing through trees faster than any other Vulcan.
    Prize: 2,000 Jewels

    One of the more brighter jobs that Serena had signed up for, heck not only that she signed up for it with another mage she hasn't met yet. Maybe one of her first actual interactions with other person since coming to this world through the portals. Her light pink hair fluttered across her pierced skull as the wind was picking up in the Spooky Forrest. Her usual twin tank tops clung to her skin loosely as well as her large pair of sweatpants. Her pale skin let her stand out and her golden eyes shimmered with the rest of the environment around her.

    This job she was supposed to kill off a bunch of giant monkeys so that they would stop stealing their crop. Normally she wouldn't care two points if the monkeys were stealing from a village causing it to starve, but getting paid to kill things is a hard temptation to pass off for the ancient take over mage. Despite her old age, Serena was older than most people alive give or take a few immortals. As of this moment she waited for the other anonymous mage to assist her in clearing out all the pests that she was so eager to sink her teeth into. She had no idea what the other mage looked like nor her abilities, all she hoped for was that they wouldn't get in her way.
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    Re: Stange Vulcans PT.1 [Job/Daiki]

    Post by Heavens Empress Daiki on 6th May 2016, 11:26 am

    The stars can't shine
    without the Darkness.

    As the blonde moved throughout several areas on her way to where a certain job she had taken was, making sure to do so as fast as she could while in the open. Rather than having her hair completely down with a bow in her hair, she decided to put her hair into a braid yet again. The clothes she had chosen in particular, included a purple dress with an abdominal plate to protect her stomach even if the smarter idea was to have it extend up to her chest, but what do you expect from this kind of stuff by now? She also had a pair of metallic gauntlets reaching to her mid bicep, and getting covered slightly by her attire. As for the rest of her attire, she wears a pair of stockings that reach up to her mid thigh before stopping. She wears a pair combat boots specifically designed for her, with some metallic plates on the front to protect, for the most part, from normal attacks directed at her feet while facing an opponent should she run into one.

    As she moved and eventually started to scan the areas she passed through. She wasn't fond of having to take such a job of just dealing with some Vulcans, but money was money and food was food. She'd sigh as she made her way to the area in which the job would start, and would stop after a few moments, noticing that she wasn't the first one there. She'd slow down to a normal walk before stopping a few meters away from the pink haired woman. "So, I take it you're the other person on this job?" She'd ask, crossing her arms, a bit curious. The woman didn't entirely look like she was dressed for such a job, or at least that's how the sweatpants made it look, to her at least.

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