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    iLacs: All the Rage(Job/Solo)

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    iLacs: All the Rage(Job/Solo) Empty iLacs: All the Rage(Job/Solo)

    Post by Aoi and Aoba on 29th April 2016, 10:20 pm

    Job Form:
    Job Title: iLac
    Rank: D Rank
    Player Requirements: Any Rank
    Job Requirements: 500 words per player
    Job Location: Neutral Grounds
    Job Description: A brand new device called the iLac has come out and the manufacturer is giving them away to anyone who visits the factory in Neutral Ground. Keep in mind, as soon as you step foot on Neutral Ground territory, all your magic (Primary, Secondary, Weapons, Armour, Pets, Unique Abilities, Passive Effects) is instantly shut down. But that's no problem because all you're doing is picking up your brand new iLac.

    Reward: 1x iLac for everyone

    iLac is a lacrima that functions like our real world cell phones. It can access lacrima-net, but CANNOT grant the user access to OOC information on other players. It can grant the user the ability to contact any other player who also owns an iLac providing that other player gave the caller their Lacrima Identification Code (phone number). The iLac also has a calendar, calculator, HP and MP tracker, stopwatch, alarm, and any other fun applications (that do not permit your character to know OOC information on another character) you can think of. It also has a Sorcerer's Weekly app installed.

    The Neutral Grounds, where magic existed not. A place filled with top-notch technology, where mages could be easily defeated due to the block of anything magical. And yet, it was here, where mages were weaker, that two Sleeping Forest mages, Saika and Rin Kagamine were going. The siblings had rather mixed opinions about going, really, and neither were really completely certain on their decision. The job was to receive a free mobile device that had newly been made, known as the iLac. This would greatly improve the girls' communication methods with each other, as well as grant them access to all sorts of potentially useful apps.

    "Rin, are you sure this is a good decision?" Saika asked in her demon form, as they flew from the Midoriko Province towards the Neutral Grounds. Saika, being the older of the siblings was a motherly figure, one who was always concerned for their safety. Rin nodded in her angel form, great feathered white wings spread out on either side of her. It was an unusual sight, definitely, a demon form and an angel form, flying side by side through the sky. It wasn't all too weird for the citizens of Fiore, however, as this was a country of magic. Weird things happened all the time.

    "When do you think we'll know we've entered the Neutra—"
    Saika was abruptly cut off as she entered the Ground, her magic immediately cut off. With a yell, she began to fall to the ground, yelling agitatedly the whole way. Luckily, she managed to fall through trees, cushioning her fall so it wasn't quite so devastating.

    Rin, on the other hand, was still floating right outside the border of the Neutral Grounds. "About now," was her softly spoken answer. She neatly landed on bhe ground, folding her wrngs back into herself and cancelling her angel form. As the redness in her eyes faded, she walked unharmed into the Grounds, soon reaching Saika's location. Her older sister, evidently in a bad mood shoved her bangs back in frustration. Twigs and leaves fell around her with every move, and it was a wonder Rin didn't laugh.

    Without saying anything, she abruptly stood up, back in her normal shape, and dusted herself off. Currently, she wore a black hoodie dress, and sneakers for easy walking. Compared to the impeccably outfitted Rin, she was a mess. The angelic girl wore a uniform-like outfit, everything having been freshly ironed by the white-haired girl herself this morning. Before long, they had reached the location of the giveaway.

    "Thank you very much," was the chorus heard as the two girls accepted their iLacs from the man. He smiled back broadly, saying, "It's no problem, dears. Please do enjoy!" Saika smiled back, and waved as they walked away. Rin didn't even look back, as was her nature. Soon, they had exited the Neutral Grounds again, once more in the land of magic. They had received valuable devices that would help them quite a bit in jobs from here on now. After trading numbers, the two girls took off towards Midoriko Province once more.

    "I am never going there again."


    iLacs: All the Rage(Job/Solo) H3Duo3CJ_o

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