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    Death Of A Dream


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    Death Of A Dream Empty Death Of A Dream

    Post by Finale on 25th April 2016, 12:09 am

    Soren awoke alone in the Serene Cliff, with Evelyn nowhere in sight.  He had fallen asleep despite his best attempts to avoid it.  He had failed.  First time he actually felt defeated with anything, really.  Properly so, not just temporarily feeling terrible just to realize fairly quickly after that he still has a chance with whatever it is he thought he wasn't successful with.  He had a terrible headache and was incredibly groggy; it was very late at night and above him was the night blue sky with a full moon.  Quite the sight, really; should he not of been feeling completely empty he might've been able to appreciate it, empty in more ways than one.  He slowly walked back to the top of the Serene Cliff and walked near its edge, looking at the moonlight.  How beautiful it was, just like her.

    In the end, he never really did realize how he felt about Evelyn but considered her a good friend regardless, and the loss of a good friend would always hit someone hard.  He went closer to the edge and took his seat on it so his legs could dangle on the edge of it as he rested his arms by his sides and looked further looked at the moonlight above.  A friend wasn't the only thing he lost, but this was something lost a very long time ago - his soul.  He was born without a portion of his soul and that would one day consume him, causing him to cease from existence without a trace of a memory.  When that would happen, no one could be sure, there were two main factors factors that went into it - time and effort.

    Time was pretty self explanatory; his time would run out and he would cease to exist then.  Effort, however, is slightly different.  Humans, creatures and beings all use energy.  That type of energy might differ but there's always a source of energy to keep them going.  In Soren's case, it's magical energy.  It's what kept him alive.  Losing part of his soul dramatically decreases the amount of magical energy he had, giving him a now limited pool of it which he has to use carefully.  Because it's what keeps him alive he slowly burns away through it as his life continues; it's why he would eventually disappear within time but using magical energy means that he has to literally burn through his life energy, accelerating how quickly he would disappear.

    When he was previously with Evelyn, he used a lot of magical energy to keep his body stable and healthy because of the events that took part when he encountered her...  Far too much.  He didn't expect to use so much magical energy and now, the effects were very clearly showing.  He was fading.

    With his head down, he noticed his right hand beginning to shatter like glass, slowly.  He could also see the same thing happening to his legs.  He brought his shattered hand closer to himself and extended it forward, raising his head so he could see it.  There was no emotion shown in his face; it was as though he had just accepted his fate after having failed probably one of the most important events he would ever be a part of.  In reality, inside, he felt completely destroyed.

    He didn't want to go.  He didn't want it to end like this.  There was still so much to do, so many things to set right, so much to prove...  Not for others, but for himself...  And he wanted to help her, but...  He couldn't.  Most importantly, he let himself down - he promised himself he would never get so attached to anyone ever again, yet, it happened.  He would never accomplish his goals, he would never accomplish his dreams, he would never do anything.  That is the most tragic ending, is it not?  A young mans life, full of potential and a bright future, ending without him having a say on it or without him being able to do anything about it.  At this point, he couldn't contain it any longer.

    While he didn't make any noises or covered his face, tears began streaming from his eyes.  His body that appeared t slowly shatter like glass had continued further and he no longer had a proper body, only his head remained; despite his body shattering, it hadn't evaporated into air or fell apart yet, so the colours of what he wore and his body were still in tact.  He looked back down, trying not to burst out in tears before he would have to say goodbye to the world.  As his neck began to become shattered, the tears completely stopped.

    "That's the way it is, huh?"

    And with that, his head was finally in the state the rest of his body was.  The shattered remains glowed bright enough that it could be seen from the closest island away and remained that bright until the shattered remains would slowly fizzle out into emptiness, and nothing would remain.  No one would ever remember him.  No one would even know the name "Soren Hex" existed.  Even those closest to him would completely forget he ever existed.  Reality was cruel.  He would become what the world forgot.  Reality had to preserve it's precious little self, after all.  He was out of time; an ending you can't overwrite.

    No...  Not this time.

    Somehow, Soren's existence and consciousness wasn't gone yet.  Before his shattered remains completely disappeared, he was able to hold on, trying to force them back together.  If he had an actual body he'd be grinding his teeth together; it was extremely difficult to attempt to pull off what he was trying, yet a sudden burst of determination was making this almost easy.  He kept this on holding onto his tiny bit of existence that remained, and whilst he was clinging onto something, he was uncertain what that was...  Because it wasn't his usual self; his body colours were changing along with his physique and even mindset.  Reality wasn't giving him, well, "him".  If he was going to remain in this world then he would be forced to change himself for it, is what he was basically told.

    After a few grueling minutes, the area around him picked up in wind and it was now raining; a thunderstorm.  Waves raged and crashed into the Serene Cliff as his particles changed colour and glowed a dark red and black colour, sending out a brief shockwave and wave of light that would've blinded the entire area again, only this time, Soren wasn't disappearing; he was there, but...  It didn't look like Soren.  No...  Surely, it could not be him, right?  He looked too different and even the feel around him was substantially different, but...

    Death Of A Dream 2015102323531-0f5ffa79-3990-4e19-ae94-685576e9a2e0.png?1711

    It was.  He stood there moving his mask to the side, completely relaxed.  He hadn't disappeared, but...  What happened to him?  He looked at his hands and immediately knew change was about.  There would be a lot for him to do; Soren no longer exists as far as other people knew, so he would have to start his life all over again.  No one could ever know this was now him; he had trouble believing it, too, really.  Both personality wise and appearance wise.  There was, however, something more important than all this...  While he didn't fully understand what had just happened, he definitely felt the result afterwards.

    He felt empty.


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