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    Rowan Plays Tag (Solo Job)

    Rowan Protegan
    Rowan Protegan

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    Rowan Plays Tag (Solo Job) Empty Rowan Plays Tag (Solo Job)

    Post by Rowan Protegan on 23rd April 2016, 8:05 pm

    It was a bright spring day in Magnolia’s East Garden, and Rowan was up and about, enjoying the weather. The soft light of the sun shined past the few clouds that dotted the sky, giving nourishment and enjoyment to the life down below. The plasma mage wasn’t one to be out in public for no reason, however, in reality, Rowan was here to do complete a job request. He had been scanning the job board back at Infinity Hydra, searching for easy, non-combat requests when he found rather peculiar one. The paper looked as if it had been written by some little kids, and the content of the words reflected its looks. ‘Come play tag with us!’ The location was written rather neatly, and Rowan figured it was because the children’s parents filled in the more important aspects of a job request. Bringing his mind back to the present, Rowan stood more or less in the middle of the garden, his eyes scanning both the beautiful scenery, and any sight of the children. Rowan wasn’t even sure if the request was just a prank or not, but regardless, the plasma mage had his guild’s reputation to keep, even if it meant playing tag with some kids.

    After a few minutes, Rowan was still waiting on the children to show up, and so the mage found himself a nice little bench that had a good view of the surrounding area. Not a moment after he had sat down, peals of laughter broke out off to his right, and Rowan stood up once more to investigate the sounds. A pair of children, both boys, came running towards the mage. “Are you here to play tag with us mister?” Realization dawned on Rowan as he came to a conclusion….. tag was a really boring game with just two people. Understanding the children’s predicament, Rowan simply nodded his head before suddenly shooting his hand out, tapping one of the children on the shoulder. “And you’re it!” With that, Rowan bolted off in a random direction. After a few moments, he realized the children would never be able to catch up to him at this speed, and so the mage drastically slowed his pace, looking over shoulder to see if the children were getting closer. As expected, they were frantically chasing after him with smiles on their faces.

    The little play date lasted for about an hour, the trio stopping every so often to catch their breaths and drink some water from a nearby fountain. Rowan wasn’t too entertained by the whole thing, but it still made him feel good. It was the small jobs like these that made Rowan question whether or not he was growing as a mage, but he quickly shook away the thoughts as he returned is focus to the game of tag at hand. Of course, their small playdate had to come to end as the children were called off to eat their lunch, but they thanked Rowan for spending time with them before scampering off. The plasma mage was hungry as well, and he quickly began searching for a place to eat. As he started off, the mage realized while these jobs didn’t make him a better mage, they did make him a better person.


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